Baseball America releases prospect list

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Baseball America has published its Cardinals prospect rankings for 2013, and it’s no surprise that rising outfielder Oscar Taveras tops the Top 10 list this year. That list was posted online by Baseball America this morning.

Such lists inevitably become a launching point for debate, and it’s an interesting exercise to go back into the archives and look at top prospect lists from past years. There are always hits and always misses — such is reality when it comes to ranking players who have yet to appear in the Majors… and in some cases, have yet to appear in more than a handful of Minor League games.

In the last decade, for instance, both Blake Hawksworth (2004) and Anthony Reyes (2005, 2006) once (or in Reyes’ case, twice) held that top prospect distinction. Neither went on to have an especially distinctive career.

This year, Taveras unseats Shelby Miller for that No. 1 honor. Miller was ranked by Baseball America as the organization’s best prospect for three straight seasons, beginning in ’10. This year, Miller lands in the second spot on the Top 10 list.

Baseball America’s full Top 10 prospect list looks as follows:

  1. OF Oscar Taveras
  2. RHP Shelby Miller
  3. RHP Carlos Martinez
  4. RHP Trevor Rosenthal
  5. 2B Kolten Wong
  6. RHP Michael Wacha
  7. 1B Matt Adams
  8. RHP Tyrell Jenkins
  9. 3B Carson Kelly
  10. OF/3B Stephen Piscotty

Three of those players — Miller, Rosenthal and Adams — have already made their Major League debuts, though none of the three played enough to lose rookie status for 2013. Another two on this list — Taveras and Wong — have legitimate chances to break through to St. Louis this season.

Hopefully you are already aware of this, but also has its own prospect rankings. It is updated a few times each year, most recently around the end of the 2012 season. For comparison sake, here’s a look at’s Top 10 Cardinals list:

  1. OF Oscar Taveras
  2. RHP Shelby Miller
  3. RHP Carlos Martinez
  4. 2B Kolten Wong
  5. RHP Trevor Rosenthal
  6. 1B Matt Adams
  7. RHP Michael Wacha
  8. RHP Tyrell Jenkins
  9. LHP John Gast
  10. RHP Maikel Cleto

Aside from some slight differentiations in placement, the Top 8 on both lists include the same players. For the final two spots, Baseball America went with high-upside, but so far unproven, players who were taken in the 2012 First-Year Player Draft.’s Jonathan Mayo selected a pair of players who have more Minor League experience to round out his Top 10.

Would enjoy hearing your thoughts about both sets of rankings in the comments section if you so desire to get a conversation going. Anyone, in your opinion, missing from these Top 10 lists? Anyone undeserving of being on there? And who on this list do you think will have the biggest impact in St. Louis in 2013?

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i believe colton wong has a great chance of making the roster this year. i believe that he will hit much better than danny d. will. from what i have seen rosenthal is the best pitcher of the lot that was listed. i think he is more advanced than miller.

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