Minor League Spring Training information

Jenifer Langosch/MLB.com

For the third straight year, the Cardinals will hold an early camp for a select group of Minor League players. Not only does this early camp allow for these players to get a head start on their spring work, but it will also allow them the opportunity to mingle a bit with some of the Major League coaches. Oscar Taveras and Carlos Martinez were among the prospects who participated in this early camp last year.

Names of those early camp participants will be released soon. They will report to Jupiter, Fla., on Feb. 22 and begin their workouts the day after. All other Minor League pitchers and catcher will report on March 4. Position players must arrive by March 6.

The Major League Grapefruit League schedule was released weeks ago and can be found here. Minor League games aren’t publicized nearly as much, as they take place on the backfields of Spring Training complexes. But for those who are interested in catching a glimpse of some of the organization’s up-and-coming players, here is a rundown of that Minor League spring schedule (all games at 1 p.m. ET):

  • March 4: Pitchers and catchers report date
  • March 5: Pitchers and catchers first workouts
  • March 6: Position players report date
  • March 7: First full-squad workouts

  • March 13: Intrasquad games
  • March 14: Marlins @ Cardinals
  • March 15: Mets @ Cardinals (AAA/AA); Cardinals @ Mets (A)
  • March 17: Cardinals @ Marlins
  • March 18: Mets @ Cardinals (AAA/AA); Cardinals @ Mets (A)
  • March 19: Marlins @ Cardinals
  • March 21: Cardinals @ Mets (AAA/AA); Mets @ Cardinals (A)
  • March 23: Cardinals @ Marlins
  • March 24: Mets @ Cardinals (AAA/AA); Cardinals @ Mets (A)
  • March 26: Cardinals @ Mets (AAA/AA); Mets @ Cardinals (A)
  • March 27: Marlins @ Cardinals
  • March 29: Cardinals @ Mets (AAA/AA); Mets @ Cardinals (A)
  • March 30: Cardinals @ Marlins (AA/A)
  • April 4: Minor League seasons open

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I live in SoCal now and a buddy told me Freese got a DWI over the weekend, however I cannot find any reports to verify. Please debunk this! I know its totally unrelated, I just didn’t know who else to ask.

In case no one filled you in, one of the local radio stations saw his 2009 DWI and reported it as though it just happened. They quickly figured out their mistake and issued on air retractions and apologies.

Ok awesome, thank you. I figured it was a false report given the lack of a story on it but you never can tell.

I have tickets to a game on Feb. 23rd at Roger Dean Stadium.

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