About those prospect rankings

Jenifer Langosch/MLB.com

As you have likely already seen or read, the Cardinals placed six Minor Leaguers in MLB.com’s Top 100 prospect list for 2013. Outfielder Oscar Taveras came in at No. 3 overall. For comparison, in 2012, Angels outfielder Mike Trout (who now owns a Rookie of the Year award) was named the third-best prospect in baseball.

The prospect list is compiled by MLB.com’s Jonathan Mayo, who utilizes input from several scouts and baseball executives in determining his final rankings. Mayo has an informative story (which you can read here) about the ranking process. He also breaks down the rankings using various measurements. I recommend the read.

The Cardinals-specific story related to these new prospect rankings can be found here; in it, you will find more detail about each of the organization’s six top prospects — Taveras (No. 3 overall), Shelby Miller (No. 25), Carlos Martinez (No. 33), Trevor Rosenthal (No. 43), Kolten Wong (No. 79) and Michael Wacha (No. 83) — and projected placement for each in 2013.

A few other notes to add about these rankings…

  • The Cardinals were one of five teams (joining the Red Sox, Marlins, Twins and Rangers) to have six players make the Top 100 list. No club placed more than six players.
  • Last year, the Cardinals had just two players — Miller (No. 5) and Martinez (No. 33) — rank in the Top 100.
  • The Cardinals ranked second with 340 prospect points, which measure the amount of high-impact talent in a system. These prospect points are calculated by giving a team 100 points for having the No. 1-ranked prospect, 99 points for having the No. 2-ranked prospect, etc. The Mariners, who had three prospects in the top 23, come in first with 351 prospect points. What prospect points don’t necessarily do, though, is measure the depth of a farm system.

There is one more prospect list to keep an eye out for and that is the Cardinals’ Top 20 list for 2013. You already know who the top six (in order) will be, but the rest of the blanks will be filled in during an unveiling next week. Stay tuned…

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Any idea why Matt Adams wasn’t in the top 100?

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