Boras speaks on Kyle Lohse’s situation

Jenifer Langosch/

Agent Scott Boras stopped by Reds camp out in Arizona today in order to speak with members of the Korean media about new Cincinnati outfielder Shin Soo-Choo. Boras also briefly addressed the situation with Kyle Lohse, the former Cardinals starter who remains unsigned. reporter Mark Sheldon was kind enough to pass along Boras’ comments.

(Spoiler: There’s very little of substance here from Boras in terms of specifics. For instance, with the first question, you’ll see his answer becomes a generalization instead of an answer relating solely to Lohse. Regardless, take from this whatever you’d like.)

Is there any progress in finding a team for Lohse?

“Like most free agents with that kind of ability, I think you get all kinds of calls. Frankly the calls increase during Spring Training rather than decrease because the need level of each club is more evident. These are ownership decisions at this point. The talent is there. You have a guy who is a No. 1 starter kind of factor. Then the needs of a team as they foster forward.”

Are the Cardinals a team with a pitching need after the loss of Chris Carpenter?

“Well, anytime a team loses both a veteran pitcher and a leader … Kyle really was the Cardinals’ No. 1 pitcher the last two years if you look at what he’s done. He was a very important part of their team, but you would have to ask [general manager John] Mozeliak whether or not the need arises to the level that he and [owner] Bill DeWitt determine is appropriate.”

Is Lohse getting antsy about the process?

“No, he’s a good player and has been through this a couple of times. This was kind of anticipated with his Draft compensation dynamic. Because he’s the type of player that will go to an instantly competitive team, those teams knowing they’d have to give away a Draft pick and Draft money, we understood it would probably have to be something that there was definitely a feeling it was necessary to have him on the team to be competitive to win. This has been kind of a new dynamic in baseball.”

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They should sign him; without another established starter, the team is likely not strong enough to grab wildcard even with sound young talent on the way.

They should but there is one reason why it will not happen: Scott O. Borass

A shame that Scott couldn’t answer your questions directly or honestly. My takeaway is: no progress; Cards not seriously interested; and very antsy. On the last point, every pitcher to a name wants to be with the team on the 1st S/T day that pitchers/catchers report.

Will the Cardinals get compensated if Lohse isn’t signed before the amateur draft?

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