Feb. 16: Q of the Day

Jenifer Langosch/MLB.com

Many times last year the bunt was used (or tried) to advance the runner. Has manager Mike Matheny had a change of heart on the use of the tactic?

Matt D., Chicago, Ill.

I figured since the first item on the Cardinals’ workout schedule is a bunting championship today that this would be an appropriate time to tackle this question. In short, no, Matheny is not changing his opinion on bunting. He likes the play (in certain situations, of course) and is not going to abandon using it. Where he hopes to see a change this year, though, is in execution.

There are more bunting practice sessions included in the workout schedule this spring in hopes that the additional practice will translate into an increased success rate in season. The pitchers are following yesterday’s bunting competition with a bunting championship this morning. Beginning tomorrow, select position  players will be asked to report early for an 8 am ET bunting tutorial.


As it turns out, Matheny addressed the team’s bunting tournament shortly after I posted this. I thought you all would enjoy this part of his quote: “I know how much everybody loves the fact that we bunt. It seems to be great entertainment for everybody back home. So I’m glad to appease them.”

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