Day 7: ‘Bird Seed

Jenifer Langosch/

I know you don’t want to hear me complain about the cold. So I won’t. But it was cold today. And since manager Mike Matheny mentioned it, I can, too. In fact, here is Matheny on the topic:

“I don’t like the cold, but a lot of them are coming from places where it’s been this cold. The wind I worry about, especially once they get a sweat going. I tell them to take what they need and take their time and make sure they always have something warm and dry.”

And in other news — which I know you’re begging me to get to at this point — here are some notes to wrap up today’s (cold) workout in Jupiter:

  • The Cardinals got off the field earlier today than on Saturday because of a 1 p.m. ET commitment to sign autographs. Before that, players spent a little more than two hours on the field.
  • During defensive drills, infielders worked together on turning double plays. The outfielders went through a variety of drills, including making shoestring catches, snagging line drives and catching balls over the head. The catchers spent time working on blocking pitches.
  • Ty Wigginton has been getting work at both first and third base so far in camp. Matt Carpenter’s defensive work has so far been all concentrated on second base.
  • Another seven pitchers — headlined by Jake Westbrook, Lance Lynn and Michael Wacha — threw live batting practice on Sunday. Also throwing live BP were relievers Eduardo Sanchez, Victor Marte, Fernando Salas and Barret Browning.

  • The following seven pitchers threw on Sunday, too, but not against hitters: Adam Wainwright, Joe Kelly, Edward Mujica, John Gast, Maikel Cleto, Keith Butler and Jorge Rondon.
  • Position players spent time practicing bunting, baserunning and reading balls off the bat.
  • Manager Mike Matheny said he has still not decided if he will have the team play an intrasquad game before Grapefruit League play begins next Saturday.
  • Though Pete Kozma has been spending these early days doing defensive drills on a field with players mostly slated for the Minors, the Cardinals are serious about giving him a look this spring. Asked about how the signing of Ronny Cedeno affects Kozma’s placement on the depth chart, GM John Mozeliak said: “What we’re looking at just making sure we have protection. In essence, if Pete keeps doing what he did, he’ll likely be in the big leagues. We didn’t want to just go into the season and find out that [Rafael] Furcal couldn’t go and find out Kozma was not [going to build on] the six-week period. We had a lot of optimism. It was just shoring up the position.”
  • Over on today, you can read the next in the Around-the-Horn series. Today’s story explores the bullpen situation and what it looks like six weeks out from Opening Day. You can read that story here.

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Although you suggested the Cardinals would be sending Rosenthal down to triple A, I doubt that they will pass up keeping him in the bull pen given his flexibility. With his 100+ fastball he could be used to strike out two or three batters in a jam, pitch extended relief innings when a starter fails early, and even close out the ninth when Motte is overused. Like Wainright, he can begin in the bullpen and work his way into a starting role. J.S.

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