Cardinals 12, Mets 4

Jenifer Langosch/

For the third straight day, the Cardinals scored in double digits. I would imagine, though, that the final score won’t be the takeaway for many of you on this day. Rather it’ll be a comment from catcher Yadier Molina, who offered this when asked about his impressions of Michael Wacha:

“I think that guy, right now, can pitch in the big leagues,” Molina said. “That’s the way I look at it. He has great stuff. He has a great presence on the mound. I feel like that guy can pitch right now in the big leagues. He has great command, a great attitude.”

Talk about a compliment.

That said, don’t start inserting Wacha’s name into a rotation competition just yet. The Cardinals don’t intend to have the righty — who has pitched a total of 21 professional innings — start the year in the Majors. However, impressions made in spring stick, and the groundwork could be laid for Wacha to be considered for a call-up later in the season.

Think: Trevor Rosenthal.

Last year, there were members of the organization fighting for Rosenthal’s inclusion on the Opening Day roster. And remember, this is after he had finished the previous season at low-A. Rosenthal, by the end of his stay in camp, had been that impressive, and it set the stage for him to be the one the Cardinals called upon midseason when there was a hole in the bullpen.

Wacha is setting himself up to be that guy this year. Obviously, need will partially dictate what the Cardinals do with Wacha this year. But so far, he certainly looks like a guy who could be ready to make an impact in the Majors in 2013. Just ask Molina.


For the rest of the day’s news, check out this notebook from the site. There you can read more about Lance Lynn, Wacha and Matt Adams. Today’s feature looks at Kolten Wong, and how being under-the-radar this spring should not indicate that the second baseman has been forgotten. Read more here.

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