Furcal to have elbow surgery

Jenifer Langosch/MLB.com

A day after Rafael Furcal had Dr. James Andrews examine his right elbow, the Cardinals announced that the shortstop will undergo right elbow surgery next week. That is expected to cost him the entire 2013 season, as the recovery would likely be six-to-eight months.

Furcal had to stop baseball activities a week ago due to renewed discomfort in his right elbow. He first injured his elbow last August and underwent a rest/rehab regimen over the offseason, hopeful that would allow time for his elbow ligament to heal. Furcal reported to Spring Training optimistic about his chances for a full, healthy season, but there were quickly signs that his elbow hadn’t properly healed.

A bone spur began to cause discomfort. Then, after taking at-bats in a “B” game last Thursday, Furcal shut down due to increased pain. An MRI revealed inflammation around the ligament. Furcal visited with Cardinals team physician Dr. George Paletta on Monday before seeing Andrews for a second opinion.

Furcal will have the surgery next week. It will be performed by Dr. Andrews.

More to come soon, as Furcal, Mike Matheny and John Mozeliak are scheduled to address the media shortly.

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Well that was a mistake now we loose a SS and 7 million$. Because he elected not to have surgery he should be punished in some way. I would like more details on the process, the teams position and its desire as well as the thought process of Furcal.

As much as I would like to blame Furcal for this, the decision to not have surgery was a mutual one. There was a story not too long ago where Mozeliak or Matheny stated that no one they talked to would have elected for surgery a few months ago.

“Because he elected not to have surgery he should be punished in some way.” Words like these give me cold chills. It’s always easier to have surgery on someone else’s body, not one’s own.

Once again spring training and the middle of the infield is in flux.Did anyone in the organization see this coming?Apparently not or Cedeno wouldn’t be the option now.Kozma,please,the last thing we need is an unproven guy at such a vital position.How much longer will patches and thread hold us together?Now we’ll hear the party line that the Cards always get through these adversities,when this adversity didn’t need to be one in the first place. Sick and tired of the same old stuff,but this time it will come back and bite us in the ……………..!!!!

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