Matheny to return to St. Louis for back procedure

Jenifer Langosch/

Manager Mike Matheny will fly back to St. Louis after Sunday’s game and undergo a minor back procedure on Monday morning. The procedure, which is called a microdisectomy, will help alleviate the pain that has been caused by a ruptured disc. A fragment from the disc that is pressing against a nerve will be removed.

Matheny will miss the club’s games on Monday and Tuesday but is expected to return to Jupiter, Fla., on Wednesday, which is an off day for the team. During his absence, Mike Aldrete will serve as the team’s acting manager. First-base coach Chris Maloney will move into the role of bench coach. Triple-A manager Ron “Pop” Warner will coach first base.

The Cardinals are hopeful that this procedure will provide long-term relief for Matheny. The second-year manager received temporary relief from an epidural shot on Monday, but that had worn off over the last few days.

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