March 14: Q of the Day

Jenifer Langosch/

What are the chances that Shane Robinson will over takes for Jon Jay in center field on Opening Day. Robinson seems to be swinging a much hotter bat right now.

— Russ A., Charlotte, N.C.

Zero. The Cardinals are not using Spring Training results to determine regular-season playing time when it comes to their outfield spots. Jay will remain the team’s starting center fielder as long as he is healthy. He’s had an OK spring so far, going 7-for-30 with two stolen bases in four attempts. The more important statistical numbers to look at are Jay’s career numbers during the regular season (.300 batting average) and to take into account the stability he provides in a key defensive spot.

What Robinson has done, though, through his stellar spring is seemingly solidify his bench spot. Robinson entered camp the favorite to win a bench job as a backup center fielder, and he has not opened the door for either Adron Chambers or Justin Christian to sneak in and pass him in that competition.

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We still need a shortstop.

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