March 21: Q of the Day

Jenifer Langosch/

Long time reader, first time writer. Now with Chris Carpenter, Rafael Furcal and Ronny Cedeno out of the mix for potential roster spots, do you see the Cardinals adding any more outside personnel, or will their 25-man roster be set once they make a decision about Joe Kelly/Shelby Miller/Fernando Salas?

—  James T, Monroe City, Mo.

It certainly seems as if the Cardinals have whittled down their roster decisions to exactly that — three pitchers, two open roster spots. Technically, the Cardinals haven’t announced who will be on their bench, though it seems safe to presume that Tony Cruz, Shane Robinson and Matt Adams will take the final three openings.

On the pitching side, the Cardinals have to decide whether it will be Kelly or Miller who takes the fifth spot in the rotation. Whoever does not get that nod will then likely be weighed against Salas for the last bullpen spot.

As for adding anyone from the outside, this is always the time in Spring Training when you start to see trades and transactions. If the Cardinals are going to upgrade anywhere, it would likely be on the starting pitching side. That said, doing so is certainly not a must, so I’d expect the Cardinals to open the season with who they have in the clubhouse now.

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