March 23: Q of the Day

Jenifer Langosch/

Is there any talk as to what “issues” Carlos Martinez is having in obtaining a visa? If not, are there common reasons that makes it difficult to obtain the visa?

 — Chuck, Omaha, Neb.

I have answered this several times throughout the spring, but since I continue to get questions regarding Martinez’s visa problems, I’ll address it once more. To begin with, he still is not here in Florida and the organization has no known projected date of arrival for the pitching prospect. Martinez’s delay means that he won’t be ready to start the Minor League season on-time. He has been pitching in the Dominican Republic while he waits, but that is not the same as facing hitters in Spring Training.

So why the holdup? There have been changes in the approval process due, as I understand it, to the arrival of new embassy administration members. The Cardinals applied for Martinez’s work visa early enough that under normal circumstances, he would have been here on time. He’s not the only player caught up in this process, either. Atlanta’s Jose Constanza, for instance, just arrived at camp last week. You can read more about his story here.

A name change that Martinez once went through is likely one of the reasons that Martinez has been subjected to extra scrutiny. He once went by the name Carlos Matias.

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