So what was it that made Lohse so mad?

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The list of frustrations that Kyle Lohse has with the Cardinals is apparently growing in length.

He was bothered last year by the club’s lack of interest in talking to him about possibly returning to the organization. Then, in his first two starts against his former team this season, the new Brewer found himself outdueled by rookie Shelby Miller — essentially the pitcher who took Lohse’s place in the rotation. On Sunday, he was defeated by another rookie, John Gast. That dropped Lohse to 1-5 on a season where he has lacked run support.

But there was something else that frustrated Lohse, too, on Sunday. He was seen exchanging words with Cardinals third base coach Jose Oquendo after giving up four runs in the fourth inning. He came to bat in the next half inning and was began talking to catcher Yadier Molina. Lohse was asked afterward what was bothering him.

“They know what I had to say,” Lohse said. “It had nothing to do with the squeeze or anything like that. It was something that happened after that.”

While no one would get into specifics on the record, Lohse seemed to take issue to Gast squaring to bunt and then pulling his bat back on the second pitch of his at-bat. Gast was hitting immediately after Pete Kozma, who had dropped down a squeeze bunt to drive in the fourth run of the frame.

Manager Mike Matheny, when asked about Lohse’s public display of displeasure, chose not to offer much.

“It’s just competition,” he said. “That’s all.”

In three starts against the Cardinals this season, Lohse has allowed 10 earned runs in 18 innings.

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What a cry baby. The shuttle driver for Sybergs used to call him Klye Lousy. He had one good year with our great defense and wanted some outrages contract like Pujols. Hey he can bat anyway he wants so deal with it.

What is to become of the Cards rotation assuming Chris Carpenter comes back sooner than expected. Who gets booted? Westbrook will take his spot back at 4th in the rotation within a few more days. Shelby Miller has been red-hot, but has the least amount of experience so what does Mike Matheny do?

I know you didn’t ask me.. but with Jaime’s long-term DL stint seeming imminent, I’m thinking Carp could have a shot at getting in the rotation. I know they initially thought he was headed to the bullpen. But it looks like a rotation spot has opened itself up.

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For some reason St. Louis is in love with Chris Carpenter. His record is not that good–he is hurt all the time plus he is getting old. The Cards. are doing good without him, so kept it that way.

Yeah, what’s to like about Chris Carpenter? All he’s done is win 15+ games in 5 seasons, including 21 games in 2005 & the Cy Young Award. 3 time All-Star. Started 28+ games in 6 of the 8 full seasons spent in St. Louis. He’s 10-4 in the postseason, including some of the most epic & dominant performances in the clubs long history, which includes huge contributions in two World Series Championships. If he can get healthly, he’s as quality a pitcher as any on the team.

Well said, Aaron! Norman, you cannot lump the stats of times Carp was working through injuries with his normal stats if you want a true picture of what kind of pitcher he is. Aaron’s stats give a clear picture of why people who actually follow Cardinal baseball revere Carp. That being said, if our ERA-leading starting staff had remained healthy, I would agree that no one should be pushed aside for Carp, but since injuries have arrived, he needs to be given some respect (and a chance to start)…if his return actually materializes.

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I had heard that he was going into the bullpen and not going to be a starter. Not sure if that has changed since we have lost a couple starters recently, but I think we could really use him there instead of starting.

so squaring to bunt and then pulling back is a dirty coach’s trick? Kyle isn’t mad at Jose. He’s mad at himself for winding up with a team in last place and little run support.

You’d think Kyle would have thought to phone Pujols and ask him how trading down to a lesser team for more money was working out. But then again, some of these guys suffer from the delusion that THEY are the ones that make the team great, rather than the TEAM making them great. Just another one of those little lessons you other are born knowing, or you learn the hard way.

Kyle had a great year last year, his contract year. However, the Cardinals didn’t want to sign him for more than one year and so offered him that. He refused. He then wasn’t signed until after spring training because the Cards would get a compensatory pick in the draft. Smart move! Now that he got his contract, he is having a predictable lousy year pitching for a lousy team and the Cardinals have already beaten him 3 times. Then, a Cardinal pitcher pulls a bunt attempt to hit away. Kyle is just feeling disrespected….and jealous.

Kyle did a great job for us. There’s no reason to jump on him for getting a good contract. The Cardinals didn’t want him back very badly or he would have been offered a multi-year deal. I’ll remember him well for giving us some terrific years.

What an absolutely childish crybaby! He did a good job for the Cardinals, but complaining about getting traded–well, it happens in the business of baseball.. He collects a very nice paycheck, I’m sure!

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