Lynn’s emotions apparently misinterpreted by ump

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The scene turned a bit bizarre at the close of the top half of the sixth on Sunday. Yadier Molina ended the frame by throwing out Gerald Laird when Laird tried to swipe second. Lance Lynn gestured home as a nod to his catcher. His message, as he explained afterward was simply, “Good job for throwing him out.”

However, home plate umpire Mike Muchlinski appeared to take exception and immediately started talking back at Lynn. Lynn said afterward that he thought perhaps Muchlinski misinterpreted his intentions, thinking that instead of thanking his catcher that Lynn was complaining about an earlier pitch that he thought should have been called for a strike.

“I guess wait until I get back to the dugout until I tell Yadi ‘Good Job’ next time,” Lynn later deadpanned.

Molina defused the tension, and manager Mike Matheny briefly took over the argument before retreating to the dugout.

Lynn’s emotional outbursts have been a topic of conversation for the past two years. He’s had problems being too demonstrative in the past, and the Cardinals’ concerns have been that opponents or umpires will misinterpret the frustration as complaining or showing up. But when the Cardinals encouraged Lynn to reduce the public displays earlier this year, it then seemed to diminish his intensity. With that not the desired result either, the Cardinals have basically let Lynn be as of late.

“We’ve had this go around and around all season with Lance and his intensity,” Matheny said. “We want him to be himself but that’s not always received or interpreted real well with his emotions. It’s part of learning. When you’re emotional, people are not necessarily going to like that all the time. … We want him to be himself. If he’s going to hack people off then so be it. We’re out here winning. We’re not in the friend-making business.”

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I think umpires are paid well enough to be questioned about their calls. I am so sick of these guys thinking they are above question, and getting their panties in an uproar when someone disagrees with a call. Bring on the lasers and instant replay and get rid of them.

Umpires need to understand that the fans are there to watch the players perform, not the umps show them up.

Lynn is not good enough to tolerate him being a mental case.

How ridiculous. He’s not a “mental case” by any stretch of the imagination.

Lynn is fine. And how is he a mental case? We jumped all over Rasmus for “not caring enough” and now you want to rag on a guy who possibly cares too much? I will take Lynn’s emotional “outbursts” over a guy who simply does his job then clocks out any day of the week. How about Chris Carpenter? I don’t think there is a pitcher in the league that is as fiery and outspoken on the field. Not to say Lance is as good a pitcher, but lets leave bygones be bygones here. If LL needs to wear his emotions on his sleeve to be successful, then so be it. Most of these guys play because they love the game and that love will sometimes channel through physical expression. As fans, there shouldn’t be an issue in seeing a guy give it his all.

The home plate umps were really touchy in that series–throwing out the Upton for yelling at himself, and then yesterday a different one thinking Lynn was pointing at him. Maybe they all need vacations.

Lynn and Westbrook are NOT helping. You can count on both to blow up at least once per game and give up 3-5 runs which cripples an offense. It is time to use the Minor League pitchers. They could only lose the game, but then again . . . that’s what Westbrook and Lynn are going to do anyhow,

Medical Marijuana should help those temper tantrums……Lynn’s and the ump’s

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