NLDS Game 3: Cardinals (1-1) @ Pirates (1-1)

Jenifer Langosch/

Greetings from PNC Park, where the sun is shining and the tailgaters are out in force. It has the feeling of a normal Pittsburgh October… only, the Steelers aren’t playing. There has been a lot of talk about the electric atmosphere that is expected here tonight, but that’s hardly a point of intimidation as far as the Cardinals are concerned. They welcome the crowd. They welcome the noise. What I want to know is how long until the Pirates fans pull out the Kelll-lllly chants? You know it’s going to happen.

Anyways, the Cardinals have adjusted their lineup somewhat as they prepare to face left-hander Francisco Liriano. Matt Adams drops to the sixth spot, while Yadier Molina moves up to hit cleanup. Right-handed hitting Pete Kozma gets his first start of the postseason, as well.

It has been well-documented that the Cardinals have not played well at PNC Park this year. They haven’t homered in 12 straight games here, either a string of homerless games dating back to Aug. 27, 2012. Joe Kelly, though, has been good here, and the Cardinals are counting on him to effectively duel with Liriano.


  1. Matt Carpenter (2B)
  2. Carlos Beltran (RF)
  3. Matt Holliday (LF)
  4. Yadier Molina (C)
  5. David Freese (3B)
  6. Matt Adams (1B)
  7. Jon Jay (CF)
  8. Pete Kozma (SS)
  9. Joe Kelly (RHP)


  1. Starling Marte (LF)
  2. Neil Walker (2B)
  3. Andrew McCutchen (CF)
  4. Justin Morneau (1B)
  5. Marlon Byrd (RF)
  6. Pedro Alvarez (3B)
  7. Russell Martin (C)
  8. Clint Barmes (SS)
  9. Francisco Liriano (RHP)

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JEEZ LUEEZ its game five already.

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