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Here’s a collection of story links and topics that I thought were worth passing along as you await Adam Wainwright’s finish in the Cy Young voting later this afternoon:

  • Down in Orlando, two important points of discussion — instant replay and home plate collisions — were brought before general managers for debate. In both cases, there is strong support for change. Instant replay expansion is expected to be implemented for the 2014 season. Banning collisions at home plate — a change strongly advocated by manager Mike Matheny — will continue to be discussed this offseason. For more details and specifics, read this story.
  • Long-time Cardinals pitching coach Dave Duncan is making his return to the Majors. After stepping away to care for his wife, Jeanine, who passed away in June, Duncan is poised to accept a position with the Diamondbacks. In this story, Arizona GM Kevin Towers explains the specifics of Duncan’s new role.
  • This morning, a report emerged that stated the Cardinals turned down an offer that would have sent Baltimore shortstop J.J. Hardy to St. Louis for pitcher Shelby Miller. While the Cardinals are clearly looking to upgrade at shortstop (something Hardy would be), this sort of deal would make no sense for the club. As I wrote yesterday in this piece, the Cardinals are not going to trade away their best young players for a band-aid fix. That would essentially be the case with Hardy, who is set to be a free agent after the 2014 season. On the other hand, with Miller, the Cardinals have another five years of control before he can enter free agency. The Cardinals are not opposed to trading away young talent; but if they do so, they are going to require a return that is more than a one-year rental.
  • The BBWAA will announce its Cy Young Award winners tonight (cough::Max Scherzer, Clayton Kershaw::cough), but it’s tomorrow’s awards announcement that will be particularly interesting. When it comes to determining the NL MVP, the voters had to ultimately determine the definition of value. Is it WAR and storyline (Andrew McCutchen)? Big numbers (Paul Goldschmidt)? Or Intangibles (Yadier Molina)? In this story, columnist Lyle Spencer makes an argument in favor of Molina and addresses this idea of the undetermined value of value.

Happy Reading.

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How I see it:
Do not sell the farm for a shortstop,if that’s what it takes.I guess I’ll live with PK.
Sign Omar Infante,Kendrys Morales-1B and he’s a switch hitter(trade Adams),keep Furcal,ya never know,sign Javier Lopez and lose Chaote, and finally I’d sign Jerry Hairston.Lots of bench strength and options for MM and they’re fairly cost effective.
Morales really intriges me and Infante really helps if Kozma goes south again………and he will.

Condider the shortstops from the last two all star games:

Tulowitzki – Col
Cabrera – SD
Segura – Mil
Hardy – Bal
Peralta – Det

Furcal – St L
Castro -Chi
Desmond – Wash
Beltre – Tex
Andrus – Tex
Cabrera – Cle

All of the would be an improvement over Kozma.

We do not need Tulo.


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