Expanded replay funding approved

Jenifer Langosch/MLB.com

It seems inevitable at this point that instant replay expansion will be a go in 2014. The proposed system was recently tested in the Arizona Fall League, and on Thursday, owners approved funding for the expansion (full story here).

That’s not the final step, but it was a necessary one before expanded replay is voted on by two other parties. It still has to be approved by the Major League Baseball Players Association, as well as the World Umpires Association. Every expectation is, though, that there will be no issue getting that green light. Owners also have to vote on final implementation. That will happen in January.

Not to be lost in today’s announcement regarding funding is that there has also been a change in how the replay system will work. Over the summer, it was announced that each manager would have one challenge for the first six innings and two more to be used from the seventh inning until the end of the game. That has been altered. Now, managers will have up to two unsuccessful challenges per game. 


In an interview with MLB.com’s Dick Kaegel, outfielder Carlos Beltran said that he has received interest from about 7-10 teams so far in his free agency. Included among those are the Cardinals, who offered Beltran a one-year, $14.1 million qualifying offer that he turned down.

Kaegel’s full story is here. In it, Beltran also talks about the possibility of becoming a DH and notes how many more years he thinks he has left to play.


The Arizona Fall League’s Salt River Rafters — whose roster included several Cardinals prospects — finished the AFL season on a seven-game winning streak with a victory in Thursday’s season finale. The strong finish, though, wasn’t enough to push Salt River into the AFL Championship Game. Mesa finished the season with six consecutive victories to maintain its half-game advantage in the division.

To see final statistics for the Cardinals’ AFL participants, click here.

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Why are the commentators, fans, and management so taken by Wong as to project him as a starter? He has a sub-200 major league BA. If everyone is unhappy with Kozma’s .215 BA why go with someone who hits 75 points less? Shouldn’t he go back to AAA until he learns how to hit major league pitching?

We need a shortstop…………please not another Drew! I’d rather start the season with Kozma than make the mistake of overpaying for Drew. I too, think that Wong needs to prove himself more at the AAA level.
Also is there anymore talk about Freese to the Yankees?

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