Cards acquire Bourjos, trade Freese to Angels

Jenifer Langosch/ has confirmed that the Cardinals are nearing a deal that would net them outfielder Peter Bourjos from the Angels. Third baseman David Freese would be involved in the trade as well. The deal is not yet finalized and could include other players and/or money changing hands.

UPDATE (1:45 p.m. CT): The trade is official and has been announced. Also going to the Angels is right-handed reliever Fernando Salas. The Cardinals also acquire Minor League outfielder Randal Grichuk in the deal.

Check for updates throughout the afternoon. GM John Mozeliak is scheduled to meet with the St. Louis media at 3 pm.

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If they are counting on Wong next year this is nuts as he is simply not ready for major league pitching. And Bourjos offensively is not an upgrade on Jay at all – possibly a bit more range defensively. Why was this the first priority as opposed to short stop?

Why did he play only 66 games last year?

And the fielding percentage for Jay was slightly higher last year at .997 to .992?

Don’t understand this yet. No Short Stop! Another OF to deal with? For sure this puts Adams on the block. Craig stays at FB.

Borjos has a 0.7 WAR? versus 1.5 for Jay.

Are the Cards looking to deal for Aybar a switchitter for one of their excess starters, (LYNN)

Extremely . . . disappointed that David Freese was traded . . . Extremely. Makes little sense. Now the team is “all in” on Wong. He flops, then what? Guessing another position player is on the block, making us more vulnerable to injuries or down years. No trade has upset me more in 60+ years. Mistake.

Hey guys, forget the fact that David Freese is a World Series hero and you are left with an average third baseman. we gain some good prospects and still have the opportunity to deal them for other players. I think it’s a great move.

But they will not do that; knowing Matheny’s “loyalty” approach, Wong will be ridden all year despite the fact that he may never be an MLB caliber hitter (and comes cheap as well which is always a goal with this team.

Surely this would be nuts …. without steroids, his performance will drop rapidly as with Cabrera in Toronto?

Now that we have put Band-Aids on two issues, we have a team that may win the world series next year. However the challenge for management is the fact that we have NINE good-to-quality starting pitchers on the roster, and more if you count the pipeline. We can’t effectively use all of them and we sure can’t afford to resign all of them in a few years, therefore they will go to free-agency without compensation. Management must trade some of these assets to teams that will sacrifice comparable assets NOW, and solidify the everyday player positions for the next five years, while maintaining the best young staff in Baseball.

Management needs to think HUGE DEALS and the Angels, their pitching needs and overall payroll limitations are the first place I would look.

Go Cardinals

I like this game very much.

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