That’s a (Winter Meetings) wrap

Jenifer Langosch/

The Winter Meetings have again come and gone, which puts us past another offseason benchmark. The Cardinals were not expected to be active here at the Swan & Dolphin Resort, and that held true. There was not, however, a lack of relevant Cardinals news. In case you missed any of’s coverage from Lake Buena Vista, Fla., here is a recap of the week’s most significant news items:



  • It was learned that the Cardinals are finalizing a contract that would bring David Bell back to the organization as the team’s assistant hitting coach.
  • Manager Mike Matheny spoke candidly about the Cardinals’ decision to look beyond Jhonny Peralta’s Biogenesis past and welcome him in the clubhouse.
  • Catcher Yadier Molina and first baseman Allen Craig were announced as GIBBY award winners by



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Hi Jenifer,

Somewhat off-topic, but can you confirm that Adron Chambers is now an Astro? I’ve seen some Astros blogs and (IIRC) the Austin newspaper reporting that he signed a minor league deal with them, but haven’t seen anything official.

Thanks for all of your hard work!

i hope the cards are stil looking to fill second base,wong isnt ready,picked off with beltran bat in hand,LLers dont make that mistake,physical errors can be worked on.mental mistakes are very telling

New view for me.Cards should wait and fill the bench with players released or with no one to sign with.1.) They’ll be cheaper and 2.) They’ll hopefully be happy to be on a club.The key to this will be scouting these players.No Ty Wiggington types whose bat speed was clearly not there.Players who are let go towards the end of spring training might be the best way to go.The scouts can see them longer and evaluate their skill set and how it would fit in either defensively or as a bat off the bench for the Cards. Just a thought. Downside is the roster won’t be filled until late,but it would give younger players more spring training time to be looked at by
MM and the rest of the coaching staff. What do ya’ll think?

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