Unveiling the prospects…

Jenifer Langosch/MLB.com

Beginning Monday, MLB.com began its annual process of unveiling its various top prospects list. There will be eight daily positional lists leading up to the overall top 100 prospect coming out on Thursday, Jan. 23. Here is the roll out schedule:

  • Jan. 13: Top 10 shortstops (list here)
  • Jan. 14: Top 10 left-handed pitchers (list here)
  • Jan. 15: Top 10 right-handed pitchers (list here)
  • Jan. 16: Top 10 catchers (list here)
  • Jan. 17: Top 10 first basemen (list here)
  • Jan. 20: Top 10 second baseman (list here) — No. 1 on the list is Kolten Wong (feature)
  • Jan. 21: Top 10 third baseman (list here)
  • Jan. 22: Top 10 outfielders (list here) — No. 2 on the list is Oscar Taveras (feature)

The shortstop list (unsurprisingly) did not include any Cardinals players. My challenge to you is to predict which of the upcoming lists the Cardinals will dent. Hint: There should be (at least) two obvious answers. For bonus points, try to determine what placement (1-10) your selection will occupy.

The Cardinals dotted all sorts of prospect lists going into 2013 and were considered by many in the industry to boast the best farm system. Of course, it took depleting much of that upper-level talent to get the Cardinals to the World Series last season, and that cost several young players their rookie eligibility. Anyone who has exhausted that eligibility (i.e. Michael Wacha, Carlos Martinez, etc.) cannot be considered for the 2014 prospect list.

As each of these lists are published, I will update this entry to provide a link to each.

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Are you sure Carlos Martinez doesn’t have rookie eligibility? I just ask because I saw Keith Law tweet about how he still is a rookie and would be on his prospect ranks

I’d go with Jen on this one.She is more about the Cardinals than Keith. Law is not always the brightest bulb in the knife drawer.

Martinez just narrowly misses rookie status. A player loses his rookie eligibility if A) he exceeds 130 at-bats or 50 innings pitched or B) is on a team’s roster for 45 days or more (not counting September, when rosters expand). Martinez only pitched 28 1/3 innings in the regular season, but he did (just narrowly) surpass that 45-day mark for service time. As a result, MLB.com will not consider him for its prospect list.

Some publications only use the “A” definition when making out their prospect lists — which then allows them to include Martinez for another year. This includes Baseball America, which placed Martinez No. 2 on its Cardinals Top 10 list for 2014. These differing parameters is something to keep in mind as you compare lists this spring.

I went through Carlos Martinez’s transaction dates..

5/3/13-5/27/13 … 24 days
7/11/13-7/25/13 … 14 days
8/8/13-8/10/13 … 2 days
8/23/13-8/28/13 .. 5 days


9/3/13 to end of season (does not count toward days)

So that’s a total of 45 days on the 25 man roster making him still a rookie. It seems the Cardinals may have actually sent him down on the 28th of August to preserve that.

Is there an official in MLB that can verify this?

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