Day 8: Bird Seed

Jenifer Langosch/

wpid-0220141209.jpgNews has been scarce thus far in Jupiter, though we received a bit today when manager Mike Matheny announced that Carlos Martinez and Tyler Lyons would pitch in the team’s first Grapefruit League game. That’s still a week away, but it is nevertheless something to look forward to. That announcement coincided with MLB Network’s announcement that it will televise that game against the Marlins. Hope you’ll tune in.

Some of you may remember that the first Grapefruit League starter in 2013 was Trevor Rosenthal, who went on to drop out of the starter’s competition and into a set-up role soon after. With an overabundance of starting pitchers in camp, don’t be surprised if Martinez follows a similar path this spring.

Other items of note from camp today:

  • Martinez was one of 10 pitchers to throw live batting practice on Thursday. Also throwing were Lance Lynn, Jorge Rondon, Joe Kelly, Sam Gaviglio, Shelby Miller, Zach Petrick, Pat Neshek, Randy Choate and Keith Butler. The term ‘batting practice’ is a bit misleading, as this is much more about pitching than it is hitting. Batters will track pitches throughout an “at-bat,” but only a few are actually put into play. Position players also took coach-pitched batting practice, and that’s where they get most of their swing work.
  • Kevin Siegrist and Jordan Swagerty both took the mound, as well, but for normal bullpen sessions. Siegrist’s work was notable since he had been kept off the mound since Saturday with arm soreness.
  • Jason Motte also did some light mound work, though he is not yet near the point where he can throw without restraint.
  • Without making an official announcement, Matheny spoke of organization’s intent to have Adam Wainwright start on Opening Day. In other news, the sun is setting in the west this evening.

  • Shortly before the start of Spring Training, Major League Baseball announced that it would be introducing wpid-0220141133.jpgoptional padded caps for pitchers who want more protection from line drives. At this point, none of the Cardinals’ pitchers have expressed an interest in wearing one this season. The hats are optional for both Minor League and Major League players.
  • As mentioned above, the Cardinals will have several games televised live on MLB Network this spring. Those include games on the following dates: Feb. 28, March 9, March 11, March 14 and March 19. Several other spring games will be shown on tape delay.
  • For those of you in the St. Louis area, remember, too, that Fox Sports Midwest also plans to televise 15 spring games.

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I read your stuff on MLB.COM. Why MUST I join Facebook in order to leave a comment? I’m not obsessed with everyone knowing everything I do every moment of every day. Two more times, then I stop reading you period.

You don’t have to read on Facebook. All the content will continue to be on Facebook just serves as another option for those who use it.

Any talk/speculation on the line up yet? I like Carp., followed by Peralta, not Wong.How do you see it?

Dave M – I can’t believe you’re touting Peralta over your idol Kozma! Jenifer touched on the lineup on 2/18 Worth Noting, 1-Carp, 3-Holliday, 4-Craig. I know you weren’t asking me, but my two cents worth – agree with you Peralta in 2-spot, how about 5-Adams, 6-Molina, 7-Wong, 8-Bourjos against righties? And to those who have posted a few grouchy comments lately: Cheer up, it’s spring training, baseball is just around the corner!

Why spend all the money on Peralta if he is not at least in the top 4 of the batting order? I agree, Peralta 2 spot.

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