March 20: Q of the Day

Jenifer Langosch/

Not saying that we need to give away shortstop depth, but do you know whether John Mozeliak has reached out to Detroit? Do they have any intriguing pieces that would approximate the value of a Pete Kozma?

— Bryan J., Indianapolis, Ind.

I do not know if Mozeliak has initiated any trade discussions with the Tigers (who do have a shortstop need), though I would not suspect he would be the one picking up the phone first. The Cardinals do not feel it necessary to deal Kozma, especially now that shortstop has finally become an area with some depth. Now, if the Tigers were to call the Cardinals, then there would be reason to at least listen.

St. Louis does not have a glaring need at any position, so pitching (relief pitching, in particular) would probably be sought as a return in any trade the Cardinals could make before the start of the season. In such trade talks, the Cardinals would be in a position of strength. They could ask high and see if another team is desperate enough to bite. And if not, the organization can move on.

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I’d keep Kozma unless Detriot presented a knock-me-over offer.
As of today my rotation would be:
All of this could change,but I like these five,in this order,thus far.

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