September 7: Cardinals (78-64) @ Brewers (74-68)

Jenifer Langosch/

wpid-img_20140907_101113773.jpgThe Cardinals will close out their final regular-season visit to Milwaukee today with a chance to further separate themselves from the Brewers in the NL Central standings. The Cardinals’ lead currently sits at four games… with the Pirates only a half game behind the Brewers after winning their first two games against the Cubs.

Matt Holliday is out of the lineup today for a reason not yet disclosed. I’ll provide an update after manager Mike Matheny has his daily gathering with the media. Yadier Molina continues to play daily, underscoring that his thumb is giving him no problems. Molina did jam his thumb against his bat in the ninth inning on Saturday, but Matheny said after the game that the bat hit a different area of the thumb than what was surgically repaired.

Jhonny Peralta’s next hit will be the 1500th of his career — so keep an eye out for that possibly happening here at Miller Park this afternoon.

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Shouldn’t Yadi be spelled today especially with an afternoon start and after that incident last night? He clearly needs to get rested occasionally as he is critical to post-season hopes.

StL Cardinals and fans are sooo very proud of JHGHonny ! He’s their Mr. Perfect Prize PEDalta for 2014!! He never does ANYTHING wrong according to ALL of the written articles. Guess that’s a big NO-NO to ever mention in blogs, columns, and interviews. They love that he’ll go in the record books as a beloved Cardinal player who was suspended for PEDs in 2013. Doesn’t matter at all. Just as long as he keeps hitting his HGHRs in ’14! He’s hard to watch for many of the decades-long fans who’ve followed and supported this team since way back before “BigPEDsMac” McGwire.

You mean unlike Ryan Braun?

Braun has disgraced the Brewers uniform just like PEDalta has disgraced the Cardinals uniform and playing field. The organizations love the notoriety, fame and money that these players bring to the game and pay them well for those reputations and HGHRs that they hit. I’m sure there are many Brewers fans who find it hard to watch and cheer for their long time favorite team, just as I do the Cardinals. I’ve been a Cardinals fan since my childhood in the 1950’s. MLB actually gives them permission to cheat and use PEDs, HGH, etc. throughout their careers as long as they are not caught 3 times. Only then are they out of baseball. The new muscle growth that results from months use of HGH remains for many years and also gives the players years of added age-defying stronger connective tissues- tendons and ligaments – so few to NO injuries and longer careers. PEDalta has been in MLB for 13+ years with NO time on the DL and NO injuries. He doesn’t have to play all out on defense because he can hit HGHRs. Just SAD.

Peralta has never tested positive as a Cardinal.That said, I too wish the Cards went in another direction. I guess jrbwilliams has never made a mistake and can throw stones because his house is not made of glass. MLB has NOT given permission to cheat……..the Players Union negotiated that particular aspeck of the contract. MLB wanted a stronger stance,but caved.I wish they didn’t, but please express your anger at the correct group first. I agree that PED’s gave and give a competetive advantage or the players wouldn’t use them.So what’s the solution? Stop going to games is the only way to get the message across,but like the NFL ( huge steriod issues ) people will continue to go because being entertained is more important than doing it the right way.I guess WE are the problem?

PEDalta was shown in Biogenesis clinic records from 2012 to have illegally purchased Human Growth Hormone for his own personal use. He lied about it until August 2013, then when shown the documented evidence by MLB, agreed to the “2 month vacation” knowing he could return to finish the season and play in the playoffs. Then we all know that he was stupendously rewarded with a 4 yr $53 million contract by the Cardinals. They are just beaming and so proud of their HGHR hitter superstar SS and that he’ll go into record books as a beloved Birds on the Bat Cardinal. It’s Just Sad. They DO give permission to cheat. HGH can be used in adolescence and benefit players for years, then used again in the 20’s and benefit players for up to 10 more years with new muscle and bone cell growth and anti-aging benefits of strengthened connective tissue – tendons and ligaments. Fewer and even NO injuries and NO time spent on the DL for the HGH users, PEDalta included. Testing does not deter HGH use so to make it fair for all, they should just all be able to inject it and be stronger, healthier, and have longer careers with many fewer injuries and surgeries. PEDalta is a lier, cheater, hGH user, and a Cardinal player who disgraces the uniform and the playing field of Musial, Smith, Brock, Edmonds, and every other honest, clean, hardworking player who has ever been or is a Cardinal.

Who are the ‘they’ that you mention that gives permission to cheat?

Dave M – ‘They’ includes everybody who hires, signs contracts with, pays, watches, cheers for, admires, idolizes, accepts, embraces cheating, and continues to allow to play the game professionally in a competitive sport/activity/career where the cheater has great and long-term advantages over those players who do not cheat.

Dave M – So that was your only question/response to the entire paragraph about PEDalta’s cheating? The word “they”? Interesting, I guess you’re OK with the rest of it like about 99.5% of all Cardinals fans, the owner, GM, etc. Got it.

O.K. with ,no.Then based on your logic no one gets a second chance to redeem themselves? Glad you’re perfect man cause you’re the only one I know of. As far as more questions; it’s pretty clear you’re the unforgiving type.Would I like the game better if it were clean,absolutely most normal people would.That said, you must really hate the NFL.

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