May 25: Diamondbacks @ Cardinals

Jenifer Langosch/

Records: Cardinals (28-16, +3.5 in NL Central), Diamondbacks (21-22, -5.0 in NL West)

First pitch: 3:15 pm CT

TV/Radio: Fox Sports Midwest, 1120 KMOX

Cardinals lineup: Kolten Wong (2B), Matt Carpenter (3B), Matt Holliday (LF), Matt Adams (1B), Jhonny Peralta (SS), Yadier Molina (C), Jason Heyward (RF), Peter Bourjos (CF), Carlos Martinez (RHP)

Diamondbacks lineup: TBA

Transactions: None

Reading material:

  • Mitch Harris, on Memorial Day and his journey from Navy Lieutenant to Major League pitcher (link)
  • Game recap from the Cardinals’ 6-1 victory over the Royals on Sunday (link)
  • Michael Wacha plays stopper again; Cards remain undefeated behind him (link)
  • With one hit, Matt Carpenter reaches a pair of career milestones (link)
  • Matt Holliday, Jason Heyward miss Sunday’s game due to nagging injuries (link)
  • Another setback for Marco Gonzales, who is headed to St. Louis this week for medical exam (link)
  • Game preview for Monday’s series opener against the Diamondbacks (link)

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I, for one, have seen enough of Bourjos. His exceptional speed is all but useless: made a two-base E the other night, thrown out stealing today, he is not even a good baserunner. He cannot hit nor can he even bunt. Play Grichuk in CF every night. When the Chief Justice returns, platoon the tandem if you want. PB & Randy Joke are wasted roster spots.

Bourjos is a good player. But I do think Grichuk is better. I suspect stealing isn’t always the player’s call…or when it is? The option to steal might oughtta’ be approached more conservatively? I do agree about Randy “Choke”, by the way.

O.K.,I was away for 5 days what happened in K.C.? Last night seemed like our normal game.Starters do a fine job,bull pen gets iffy and someone steps up to win it.Last night was Peralta’s turn I guess. Wong is an all-star 2B.Pittsburgh seems to have turned it around.
As far as Bourjos goes he is what he is for us;a bench player who plays some-
times.Jay is out and yes Grichuk plays well in CF,not as good as Bourjos.Grichuk is Holiday’s replacement.Who I like to see in CF for us is A.J.Pollock from Arizona.This guy can play and is a Cardinal type player who happens to be on the wrong team.
Pollock should be in the line-up tonight unless he’s been hurt,so keep an eye on him and tell me what you think.

Not sure why Pollock wasn’t in the D-back’s line-up Monday. A coupla’ articles claim it was simply routine rest. You’re probably right about Wong. How’ bout them Yankees spankin’ the Royals 14-1, with Guthrie giving up 8 in just the first inning.

I’m telling ya the Yankees will be around come the end of the year.The division they’re in stinks and if close will go get what they need.
Of course you know my Pollock prejudice is because he grew up two doors down from my family,and he can play.The D-Backs have him hitting 4th tonight.I’ll see his dad at golf tomorrow night and ask him about it. They tease me about the Cardinal flag I fly in the front yard, asking if I want a D-Back flag with a giant snake on it. No thanks on the snake thing!

F.Y.I. The Sox are sending Kelley down to triple A,with Graig who cleared waviers.
Makes that Lackey trade look like robbery, AND all he costs is $500,000.
Imagine Graig cleared waviers,which means no other team even wanted to take a flier on him.What do the scouts know that we don’t? Boston talk radio is talking about how Cardinal players never quite perform to the same level as they did when they were in ST.Louis.The point being that ST.Louis players are PED users.Guess Ortiz and Napolli ought to up their dosages the way they’ve been playing.

Yep, I thought you’d get a kick outta’ the Yankees win. And Pollock does seem to be on a roll. I’ll keep an eye on him. Cool that you know him & his dad. Hadn’t heard about Kelley, poor guy. But I gave up on Craig long ago. MM says he feels bad for him, since he was such an integral part of the team while here. Kinda’ nice to see LaRussa attend the games in STL. I hope you’re kidding about the Cards using PED’s? MM (who’s straighter than straight) would have a cow if anybody did. Hard to say tho’, who might be using. It’s still out there, I’m sure. Btw? Maybe you could fly both flags, just to be “neighborly”??? Hahaha.

The Boston radio station Felger and Mazzarati. Its basically complain radio and they’re all over Brady too.They think he’s guilty as sin. So do I.

Well, here’s the problem with Brady. He was given every chance to say, “NO…didn’t have anything to do with the deflated balls NOR did I know about it.” But you never heard that come outta’ his mouth even once. He’d simply say it’s too early to make a comment. Period.
As for tonite’s ballgame? Like I said before, I don’t think Jaime Garcia has his head in the game…and will give up too many runs. Merely IMHO.

The more I learn about Brady the more I think he’s a phony. Cards 6-4 after 5. Garcia still in there.5Ks no walks,3 earned runs.Pollock 1 for 3,with 2 runs scored.I want him on our team.

Yup, I hope I’m wrong about Garcia. Mike Shannon just said Jaime has to keep the ball down so he doesn’t give up those hits….but otherwise, he’s doing OK. Our play-by-play guys gave Pollock some nice compliments, btw. ; )
Regarding Brady? He’s been an elite player for so long, that he’s probably lost touch with reality, and his every day morals. You know…like the rich & famous Hollywood types.

Yeah, well…your buddy Pollock wouldn’t give the Cards that last out. Haha. Post-game, Adams commented he felt right quad “tightness” after he rounded first base. An MRI tomorrow, of course. That’ll be interesting.

Nice win considering we were down 2-0 right out of the gate.Garcia did an O.K. job, but if he doesn’t improve over, lets say his next 4-5 starts, then we need to start looking for help.I was hoping that Marco was the guy,now I’m not sure,havung that sore shoulder issue.2nd time this year so something is wrong in there.So a starting pticher hopefully LH is #1 on my list to do. My next concern although not major is 1st base.Adams going down may get the front office thinking.Reynolds will play more and they may call up Scruggs.So that means Adams,Reynolds Or Scruggs is our 1st baseman.Is there anyone else out there who for half a year do the job? I haven’t started checking rosters yet to see who might fit the bill, but Allen Graig is in the minors and he has played 1st before?????Imagine if he came back and hit near his old days ? It would send the RedSox over the edge:)

Wow, now wouldn’t THAT be sumpin’! Allen Craig BACK with the Cardinals, hitting like the old days. Boston WOULD be livid. Hahaha. Craig’s bio says he played all 4 infield positions @ UC Berkeley….but primarily SS. He had a similar issue in college. Injury followed by slump. But came back Jr-Sr year and posted a .362. Agree about Marco. I read he got a pain-injection…just yesterday, I think? Interviews last nite with MM regarding Adams, indicated they’d most likely be tweaking the roster. If Adams goes on the DL, Reynolds would need a back-up on first, yeah. Good ole’ Al “The Mad Hungarian” Hrabosky was none too happy with Jaime Garcia’s outing yesterday. He calls/critiques the games off & on for FSMW…and said Jaime’s gotta’ improve some more….or???

Just got done checking the standings and something caught my eye.The top two teams with the best runs scored to runs given up are NL teams.Usually its AL teams because of the DH.Now that may change as the season progresses,but we’re 1/4 way into the season and the Cardinals and the Dodgers lead the way.
I agree with Al.I know its Garcia’s second start,but the next couple better show more than what we’ve seen thus far.
A.J. went 2-4 and two runs scored from the 4 hole last night……nice job.Now go get him Mo.
Maybe the Allen Graig thing is not as crazy as I first thought?
Lets get the sweep tonight.Cards and,can you believe it, the Astros have 30 wins!!!

I hope we sweep. But Lynn can get goofy sometimes. It seems that the 4th inning is when he falls apart, if/when he does. Holliday will surely be out to break the consecutive game on-base record. He’s tied with Pujols as of last nite. I read an article a while back that said the NL will eventually implement the DH rule. Wonder if that’ll ever happen.
As for the Astros? Who can ever predict who’ll be on top come September. Good for them, tho’.

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