Cards take OF Nick Plummer with 23rd overall pick

Jenifer Langosch/

After three straight years of using their top pick in the First-Year Player Draft to nab an advanced college pitcher, the Cardinals returned to the high school ranks on Monday to take outfielder Nick Plummer out of Brother Rice High School (MI) with the 23rd overall pick.

The left-handed hitting Plummer, ranked as the 27th-best prospect available in this Draft class by, has a college commitment to the University of Kentucky that the Cardinals will try to lure him away from. The pick comes with a bonus slot value of $2.1244 million, though the Cardinals are not required to offer Plummer that exact amount.

Plummer, 18, becomes the first high school player to become the Cardinals’ top selection since Shelby Miller was taken 19th overall in 2009. The last high school position player the club used its top pick on was Pete Kozma, two years before that. The 5-foot-10, 200-pound center fielder is also the first Michigan prep position player to go in the first three rounds of the amateur Draft since Billy Killian in 2004.

Plummer’s high school team was eliminated from Michigan’s high school postseason tournament over the weekend. Entering his final high school game, Plummer has batted .520 with 68 runs, 32 stolen bases, 23 RBIs and 22 doubles in 41 games.

According to’s Draft report on Plummer, he has a chance to be a plus hitter for both power and average and already showcases a mature approach at the plate. There have been questions about whether he has the speed to stick in center field or whether he might profile long term as a corner outfielder.

Plummer was the first of three players the Cardinals will pick on Monday, the first day of the three-day amateur draft. The Cardinals also received the 39th overall pick through the Competitive Balance Lottery and have a second-round selection at No. 66 overall.

The Draft will continue on Tuesday with Rounds 3-10. The preview show begins at 11:30 p.m. CT, with exclusive coverage of Rounds 3-10 beginning at 12 p.m. CT.

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What in the world do the Cards need with an 18 year old fat center fielder ? The only position of depth in the system. No shortstops, first basemen or LH pitchers in the minors and we WASTE our first pick on a border line 3rd maybe project. Horrible!

congrats. you just showed off to the world what an idiot you are. first, he is not fat. second, he has arguably the best HS bat in the draft. third, he has the best strike zone judgement in the draft.

The Cards’ first pick draftee Nick Plummer, is an OF lefty out of a Michigan high school. Back up for Heyward maybe? Holliday’s been reported to have a right quad strain, as a result of what appeared to be a trip on an outfield divot in this evening’s Colorado game. Further details TBA.
And as I mentioned in a previous post? It looks like the “Cardiac Cardinals” nickname doesn’t only apply to the former NFL St Louis Cardinals Football team, unfortunately. Meaning…the baseball Cards kick butt when playing some of the best teams in MLB….but don’t always fare so well, vs lesser teams. Go figure….

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I seem to recall the Yankees had this overweight guy that use to play right field.I wonder who that could have been? This kid is in high school and has not grown into his body yet, but head scout Barry knows how wrong the Cards were for taking him.How can anyone know for sure whay he’ll become?……………..except for Barry.
Rain delay in Colorado. Which reminds of this. Where is the safest place to be in Texas in case of a tornado? Answer when Haley says where.

Ha…yep, the Sultan of Swat definitely was NOT on the slim-side. Game getting ready to start. I grew up in Houston as a kid. Not many basements. So we’d just hunker down where ever, when the winds began to whip up and hope for the best. Like tonite’s game. Let’s hope for the best. Go Cards!

Martinez came thru today. Shew. Sorta’ wish Reynolds would get a little more credit. He gets as many wiffs as he does hits. That works, right? They said Grichuk’s tried to steal 10 bases so far….getting tagged out on 6 of ’em. Maybe MM shouldn’t stress trying to be so base-aggressive? Just sayin’. Especially, when the difference in winning or losing’s only been a run…or two?

Answer to the above question is;Dallas stadium because there’s rarely a ‘Touchdown’ there. Botta-Bing !!!!!:) Interesting Grichuk stat….4 of 10 aint good.
Good win,no sweep. Now home for K.C. and the Twins.Holiday might be the blow this club maynot be able to handle.Thank goodness we have a 7 game lead. Mo, I now believe, will have to get a bat and it will have to be a significant one.Someone off the bench type won’t do. Time to start checking those teams that are fading fast.Just ten days ago we were talking about another arm.Man being a GM is tough,any team situation is fluid depending on the week. Garcia’s outing may have settled the extra arm talk for now. Finding the right bat will be difficult because the price will be high.We’re dealing from weakness now.

Pwetty funny, Dave. Botta-Bing, Botta-Boom! And I’m afraid I agree with ya’. Holliday could be the one injury that the Cards can’t ultimately recover from. Even if he’s back by Aug.
Peralta’s been strong, but we need more than that. I sure don’t envy Mo, as you said. He’s got his job cut out for him…and it’s not an easy one. There’s really no way to anticipate WHAT he’ll do. At least Jaime’s doing better than I expected. I just hope he can keep it up.

The Cards drafted 14 high school players.Hope they did their homework,because 8 were in the higher rounds.Best part is that they can develop in a pro setting,rather than a college.Hope their contracts include returning to college if things don’t work out.

Btw…I voted (several times) for your buddy, Pollock for the All Star Game! ; )

What’s kinda’ curious…is that high-school players aren’t always fully developed, physically. Heck, my brother grew almost 2″ AFTER he was 18. So, irrespective of their high-school track-record? It seems like it might be a crap-shoot sometimes. On the other hand, Shelby was a high-school grab. And I’m sure there are plenty of others like that. But who knows…

Mama Pollock says thank you as do I. I voted for him several times myself.
You are correct high school kids aren’t fully developed,which is why I think most were position players.They can grow into themselves.Pitching on the other hand is different
and that’s why many teams,like the Cards, would rather draft college kids.Their physical maturity is closer to peaking and is an easier gage to what they could become.

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