July 30: Rockies @ Cardinals

Jenifer Langosch/MLB.com

Records: Cardinals (64-37, -4.5 in NL Central), Rockies (43-56, -12.5 in NL West)

First pitch: 6:15 pm CT

TV/Radio: FOX Sports Midwest, 1120 KMOX

Cardinals lineup: Matt Carpenter (3B), Randal Grichuk (CF), Kolten Wong (2B), Jhonny Peralta (SS), Jason Heyward (RF), Yadier Molina (C), Mark Reynolds (1B), Stephen Piscotty (LF), Carlos Martinez (RHP)

Rockies lineup: Charlie Blackmon (CF), Jose Reyes (SS), Carlos Gonzalez (RF), Nolan Arenado (3B), Corey Dickerson (LF), D.J. LeMahieu (2B), Ben Paulson (1B), Nick Hundley (C), Chris Rusin (LHP)

Transactions: The Cardinals acquired OF/1B Brandon Moss from the Indians for LHP Rob Kaminsky. LF Matt Holliday was been placed on the 15-day DL with a right quadriceps strain. INF Greg Garcia was recalled from Triple-A Memphis. 1B Dan Johnson was designated for assignment.

Reading material:

  • With the Trade Deadline approaching, the Cards landed some offensive help by acquiring Brandon Moss (link)
  • Cards, Fox Sports Midwest reach lucrative 15-year TV rights extension (link)
  • Matt Holliday suffers a second right quad injury (link)
  • Game recap from the Cardinals’ 1-0 loss to the Reds on Wednesday (link)
  • Lack of offense spoils another sensational start from John Lackey (link)
  • Cardinals optimistic that Matt Adams will return from injury sooner than initially expected (link)
  • Preview for Thursday’s series opener against the Rockies (link)

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No Moss in the official line-up. But…I have no doubt MM will plug him in somewhere, before the game’s over. : )

Boy, the Cards just gotta’ quit trying to be soooooo aggressive in their base-stealing attempts. UNLESS, they’re ahead. Not when they’re tied, or down. This has been a critical, potential game-winning issue in the past. And so far, again tonite. : (

Geez, the Cards are simply NOT executing tonite.

No, really? Heyward’s risky base-running just cost the Cards another possible run. Cut it out, guys!

And…that’s a winner! At 3-0, Yadi should’ve taken 2 pitches. John Axeford was soooo nervous. Can’t blame him, tho’ Whadda’ game to watch, eh? ; )

Hey, I was doing something slightly distracting this evening while trying to watch the game. Why would MM put Greg Garcia in??? Looks like he went in as a DH when they took Socolovich out…correct?
But I’m still stumped. Not sure when he was put on the Cards’ “active” roster list. Hmmmm,….I must’ve missed sumpin’. I’m a little “brain-dead” at the moment.

Pre-game interview I heard re-aired on the radio just now? Mozeliak said, “We” probably paid too much for Moss. But we needed some offensive help, so…”

Holiday going down AGAIN forced Mo’s hand.A few things about trades; first it depends on the positions of the teams involved.Clearly we were the needy ones.Next
it comes down to do you have what the other team may need without depleting your
own talent pool too significantly. Finally, do you have the fortitude to make a trade knowing full well the position your team is in and that it could back fire in your face
down the road.I think the Cards were at all three.They needed more offense,they traded from the strength of their farm system and being a contender for the WS they had to go for it.Imagine how fans like us would have reacted if they did nothing.

Yes base running has been a weakness all year, What an odd bizarre game. Garcia was PH in 9th. Yes Yadi’s at bat was oddly undisciplined. Weird game but Carpenter was huge and hopefully back to stay.

Holiday has never been a favorite of mine.But now that he’s out AGAIN what should be done about him? I don’t see him being a factor the rest of the season if there’s another tear in the quad. Its a several weeks DL injury. He is under contract for next year and at he’ll break down again spending extended time on the DL.Questions;Can we continue to win dealing with that year after year? Will it cost us another prospect
next year, assuming we’re in the hunt in 2016? Wouldn’t it be more cost effective to use the prospects to get that bat in the off season, heck you’re using them as stop gaps during the season? Using prospects are using prospects………I think we should get more value when we aren’t desperate. Time to really think about Holiday’s value vs. time on the field IF healthy.

I guess you’re right, Dave. Holliday’s contract only goes thru 2016. And he just may continue to have repeated issues with that quad strain. So as you propose, maybe the Cards should seriously start looking for his replacement now. Or at least start thinking about it.
This could be the beginning of the end for Holliday’s career at 35 y/o. But then, Pujols is 35 too.
You’re also right about our prospects. The Cards currently have some decent trade-bait.
Post-game, Carp said, “I know some people think that batting lead-off tonite, helped me in some way. But I honestly don’t feel that’s why I hit good.”
I missed Martinez’ little temper flare-up on TV. According to a Denver Post article…Martinez was upset that the Rockies were hitting him so well. So he “plunked” LeMahieu on purpose? (Not sure I believe that, since Martinez clearly has a history of developing control-issues when he’s upset, which most likely he was.)
And then after the inning-ending double play…Martinez slammed his glove down & flipped off the Rockies’ players. I can’t find any video online to substantiate that….but I’ll keep looking.
The interesting thing about that tho’…was that the ump warned both teams about “plunking”, since each of them had done it once. However, when a Rockies’ pitcher did it again? Mike Shannon was sure the ump would do something. But that something never happened, which surprised Shannon.
Like Bob said, it was a weird game.
Oh, and lastly? One of our local sports-casters suspects that MO will put things on hold for now, and maybe make a trade later in the season after the trade-flurry has settled down, which makes sense. Goes to your logic of looking to trade when the Cards aren’t so desperate.

So the next move instead of a bat is to pursue Jonathan Broxton? Does this make sense? Unless there is more to Rosenthal’s arm issues than we have heard so far?

I’d still go for a bat.The Cards could survive a week of closer by comittee if we had to.
As far as Martinez getting P.O’d, I would too.Imagine Gibson giving up a few hits in-a-row then up to the plate comes the next guy.Too many divas ( Ortiz from the Sox
leads the way ) in the game. I sick of the hitters saying things like”bush league” if a pitch is too close, when the hitters stand and pose when they hit it well. Who’s bush league then? = Ortiz!!! Double standard crap. Drysdale wouldn’t stand for it either.
Bob I’m not hot on Broxton,I think we have within the org. the arms to help.Broxton”s
not worth giving up a prospect. Today by 4pm will be crazy.Some GM will lose his mind and give up way too much like the Blue Jays have.They depleted their farm system big time over there last two moves……….they better win this year!

At least the player traded was also a lower level prospect. Maybe this means Walden and Belisle are not expected back soon.

I agree on the Jays. Too high a price and the competition is stiff enough that they might not even make the Wild card. We will see how that goes. If Walden comes back there would be a lot of late game experience, but as you say Broxton has not been what he was for some time.

Broxton’s supposedly gonna’ be an 8th inning set-up guy for Rosenthal. That does make one wonder if Walden & Belisle won’t be coming back as soon as expected. This Broxton’s 6′ 4″ & get this….310lbs! Whewy, not a small guy. $3M owed him for the rest of this season, with a club buy-out option in 2016 of $9M. However, the article I read did say it would likely be reduced to a measly $2M for next year.
I don’t think there’s any doubt that MO will continue hunting for a Holliday replacement.
As for another closer, with Tuivailala’s 97-98mph fast-balls? The Cards may have him in mind to alternate closings with Rosie. I think all he needs to do, is develop better control. Surely, that’s something he’s working on in AAA. Pretty much like Martinez had to do, early on.

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