July 31: Rockies @ Cardinals

Jenifer Langosch/MLB.com

Records: Cardinals (65-37, +5.5 in NL Central), Rockies (43-57, -13.0 in NL West)

First pitch: 7:15 pm CT

TV/Radio: FOX Sports Midwest, 1120 KMOX

Cardinals lineup: Matt Carpenter (3B), Stephen Piscotty (LF), Kolten Wong (2B), Jhonny Peralta (SS), Jason Heyward (RF), Yadier Molina (C), Brandon Moss (1B), Randal Grichuk (CF), Michael Wacha (RHP)

Rockies lineup: Charlie Blackmon (CF), Jose Reyes (SS), Carlos Gonzalez (RF), Nolan Arenado (3B), D.J. LeMahieu (2B), Ben Paulson (1B), Nick Hundley (C), Brandon Barnes (LF), Kyle Kendrick (RHP)

Transactions: The Cardinals acquired RHP Jonathan Broxton and cash considerations from the Brewers in exchange for minor league outfielder Malik Collymore. The Cardinals optioned RHP Miguel Socolovich to Triple-A Memphis and designated RHP Marcus Hatley for assignment.

Reading material:

  • Cards acquire another arm for the bullpen in landing Jonathan Broxton (link)
  • Brandon Moss talks about his season, joining the Cardinals (link)
  • Matt Holliday diagnosed with a Grade 2 quad strain but not necessarily out for the season (link)
  • Cardinals sign a lucrative 15-year TV rights extension with Fox Sports Midwest (link)
  • Carlos Martinez apologizes for mannerisms, gesture in Thursday’s start (link)
  • Matt Carpenter returns to the leadoff spot and produces first multi-homer game. Coincidence or correlation? (link)
  • Game recap of the Cardinals’ 9-8, walk-off win over the Rockies on Thursday (link)
  • Preview for Friday’s game against the Rockies (link)

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As expected, only modest tinkering by MO at the deadline. Just the opposite of the Jays who sent most of their minor leaguers away for veterans, with an unlikely win-now attitude.

Staying with prospects and youth keeps the Cardinals renewed regularly, and competitive most years, though whether the post-season outcome will get better remains to be seen. Many major competitors strengthened their hand this week.

Yes, “modest” being the operative word. My guess is that Mo wants to wait a bit, just in case we run into another injury later in the season. The Cards now have some new blood which hopefully comes with a little excitement & some guarded yet positive expectations.
Trades can be a crap-shoot. Surprisingly, Reynolds for example, has improved lately. So who can say. Maybe (even if it’s a fluke)….we’ll see Moss, Braxton & Cishek step it up & give us all they’ve got? After all, they’re now with the first place StL Cardinals! You’ve gotta’ think that getting traded to the Cards and being part of their run for the WS…HAS to be a real adrenaline rush for our newest teammates! : )

Hmmm. Saw that RHP Hatley was designated for assignment. I really don’t know much about him, other than he’s 27 y/o, 6′ 4″ and 220lb. Did I miss his appearance in a recent game? Wow, I must be losin’ it.

Gotta’ say, so far…..Moss has had a few great opportunities to showcase his 1B skills. That should give him a little pride to prove he was worth trading for.

I know it’d be difficult. But if anybody could blow a 7-zip lead? Choate’s your guy.

Wow, read my mind about Choate Haley! My take on the additions Mo made and what it tells me about the plan for the rest of the season, is rest the staters.With this much bullpen depth and Walden soon to join I sense the plan is to reduce the work load on the starting arms.Wacha went 7 last night because he needed to work on things.From here on out pitch counts and reduced innings may be their plan going into the playoffs.They won’t say it, but I’ll be watching for it.
Alot of teams went for it that’s for sure and ya know not all those deals will work out.
Still not convinced that all the teams are done, but we’ll see. The second seasons starts today so hold on tight gang!!!
Team seems to be hitting again or maybe Col. pitching isn’t that good.

Well, the Rockies’ pitching wasn’t really all that good. Can’t recall exactly, but one TV guys said one of the Rockies pitchers last nite, has given up the most HR’s in the NL? Something like that anyway.
Nice tho’, that it gave the Cards an opportunity to show they’re capable of some good at-bats. Carp was truly amazing.
I sorta’ felt bad for former Cardinal pitcher John Axeford, the other nite. He helped our Cards win that game. Not sure we couldda’ done it, without him. Hahaha.
I read an article about KC & the Cards. A comment was made how the Cards have better luck beating NL teams…but the Royals do better vs AL teams. My personal opinion (maybe wrong)…is that overall, the AL is actually a tougher league than the NL.
And I agree. Pitch counts will be reduced the 2nd half of the season, probably with all teams. Definitely the smart thing to do.
If we stay lucky, I’m hoping the Cards can win 100+ games and our division. However, I’m not so sure we’ll have a lot of success after that. One can hope. Just that there are so many pitchers out there, that give us trouble.
It looks like I’ll be attending the game tonite, incidentally. It’s a group of 20+, who’ll likely be more into socializing than watching the game. Ugh. I was blackmailed into going, not my choice.

Well have fun tonight anyway.I’ve never been to St.Louis and someday I’d like to go and catch a series against the Cubs.
As far as giving up Homeruns bet ya Colorado’s thin air hurts them at home.Axeford seems to be a good guy hope he bounces back……against someone else though.
It’s true we have trouble vs. some pitchers, but their are teams that don’t hit us well either, like the Dodgers. 100 wins would be nice,but I just want to win the division and have home field advantage throughout the NL playoffs.Piscotty hitting 2nd tonight while Grichuk is hitting 8th.I would have switched them, but we’ll see.That’s your assignment for tonight’s game. Observe how that works, especially when people are on base.Looking forward to reading your thoughts. HAVE FUN.

I agree with Dave that the bullpen committee will be used to keep Martinez, Wacha and Garcia limited a bit in the stretch to hopefully keep fuel in the tank in post-season (as Adam W. didn’t have so much the last two years). Hopefully they can stay ahead and contend for division title, but I think the offense is still thin to deal with post-season pitching of Nats or Dodgers (if Kershaw recovers). Lots of time ahead though. Haley you should still enjoy the live atmosphere at the game tonight even if some of them are not so focused on the field. Maybe hand out in Ballpark Village a bit. Are we back to Lynn in the rotation?

Yep, Lynn tonight.

Like Dave I have never been to St. Louis but have been lucky to see them play a few times in Montreal, San Francisco, Milwaukee, and last year in Toronto. I even saw last night’s bobble head honoree, Lou Brock, at the end of his great career.

OK, you’re right Dave. There are some teams who have trouble hitting us. The thin-air thing I suppose, could be a legit issue. And it does seem that switching Grichuk & Piscotty in the line-up, might’ve been a better idea. Maybe tonite?
And if you think about it Bob? We have had some success hitting Kershaw, surprising as that’s been. But then again, Matt Adams (on the DL) was one of those guys.
Our pitching should be in really good shape now. Let’s just pray that Jaime doesn’t get a hang-nail. : )
Also, I haven’t had the chance to visit Ball Park Village yet. So I guess that’ll be fun.
Boy Bob, you sure get around. Ha! I DO know why Dave’s a fan. But how did YOU become a Cards fan, considering you’ve never been here?

There were no Canadian teams when I was a boy and the 1967-68 Cardinals were the most exciting of the lot, led by Brock, Flood, Gibson, Shannon, McCarver et. al. There was limited TV coverage so the World Series was one chance to watch. Locked myself in the closet as a kid when they blew the 3-1 lead in 1968. I have kept following them since with a few triumphs and lot of dry years and some more 3-1 chokes (I think they have a dubious record for the most of those). Travel is mostly work and school related but always try to get to see a game when possible.

Interesting, Bob. Thanks for sharing. ; )

We haven’t yet heard Haley’s “How I became a Cards fan”, story yet. Bet it reads like Shakespear:)

Yer’ goofy Dave. Shakespear? I don’t think so. Hahaha. Heck, I grew up here, simple. That’s why I love the Cardinals.
I dislike hockey (St Louis Blues) ’cause of the dumb fights. IMHO….no legit sport allows fighting. And then, football’s not had the best history in this town. It was fun granted, watching Kurt Warner take the St. Louis Rams to the play-offs some years back “The Greatest Show on Turf”, as they were called. But before that, the St Louis Cardinals (owned by Bidwell) never got in contention. We called them the Cardiac Cards, mainly ’cause they could beat the best team in the NFL one week, then lose to the worst team the following weekend. Besides, Bidwell was a flat-out jerk. But hey, they’ve been doing much better since their move to AZ.
So I ultimately focused in on baseball. It’s a mental strategy game, which I enjoy. Plus, it’s exciting to watch those crazy over-the-top athletic plays you get to see every so often.
So much thinking goes into baseball and it keeps your interest in that regard. Far more than football OR hockey, fer’ sure.

Not sure I agree with these but the A’s stadium is pretty bad.


Rogers Centre isn’t bad for views and weather/sun protection. Others I have been at have been replaced since then (Candlestick was atrocious for wind and dampness).

Sounds like fun visiting other stadiums. I’ve never been to any other stadium other than good ole’ Busch in St Louis. Yes, I’ve heard those kinda’ comments about Candlestick in the past. I wonder what it’s gonna’ be like after all the renovations are done.

Somehow I missed your story too Dave …

Too long but it involves WW2,the Korean War, my Dad, and a very special train ride with Stan the Man and other Cardinal players.

OK, I’m off to the game! Should have time to give Ball Park Village a good look-see before the game starts.

OMG, Haley you got to see Randy Choate pitch.I green with envy.Did you get his autograph, shake his hand, kick him the sitting area?

Darn it. As it turned out….the entire time Choke was pitching, I just happened to be waiting in line for some nachos grande! What a coincidence, huh? ; )

Maybe you can get one of those delicious looking BBQ pork sliders they keep showing when ESPN is in town.

Nope, no sliders. The Nathan’s hot-dog tho’, was tasty. Hahaha.

Oh, and btw? Fred Bird was rather on the obnoxious side this evening. I wonder if he’s like that all the time???

He must be molting.

Hmmm…now that you mention it, Dave? I do believe I saw a few feathers flyin’ around. ; )

I hope you enjoyed the atmosphere although it was a disappointing game all around. We again lacked offense, and Lynn had an off night. Bullpen performance and use was also disappointing.

Meanwhile here is what a KC acquisition who didn’t cost much did against a Jay’s newcomer at the trade deadline: http://m.mlb.com/news/article/140405068/eric-hosmers-three-rbis-help-stop-blue-jays. Why didn’t we make a play for Hosmer?

I don’t think K.C. would have given him up right now.I think his contract is up this year and he’ll want more than K.C.will want to pay.So they’re getting the most out of him as they can now then let him walk is my guess.

Sorry you didn’t see a Cardinal victory Haley, but a win today means we won the series.Then a day off and we hit the road against the Reds and Brewers.

Hope Moss does something positive soon.

Moss said to tell you, that last at-bat was for you, Dave! ; )

Well, on the upside? Moss has hit some boomers into the outfield. Just that they were a little short of getting outta’ the park.
Boy, there was no mistaking Broxton on the mound last nite. He’s a huge, hulkin’ guy…isn’t he?
With Jaime starting for us this afternoon, provided of course he’s sharp? We should have a good chance to win today’s game.
And as we all know? The Cardinals’ offense is spastic. So maybe we’ll kick hiney this time around and take the series. It’s happened several times before.

I saw a real red cardinal on a tree yesterday a rare sight this far North. Perhaps the recent blue moon made them wacky or something. Too bad it wasn’t a good omen for the game last night.

Aw, that’s nice. Cardinals are such pretty birds. Plus they have a nice lil’ chirp, too. You’ll seldom see more than one, tho’. Other than the brown female. The males are ever so protective of their territory and chase off any/all other male intruders.

We have a slew of Cardinals in my neighborhood, and they winter here too.They look their best against a snowy backdrop.

When my dad was alive, he had this unusually friendly Cardinal who’d show up each Spring. “Rudy” would never hesitate to fly right up to my father’s outstretched hand to grab a few goodies. But after 7 years? He quit showing up. My dad spent a lotta’ time outside that one Spring. But no more Rudy. Or at least not one who acted like his lil’ buddy used to. Boo-hoo.

Nice story about your Dad. What is the lifespan of a bird like that I wonder?

“The oldest wild cardinal banded by researchers lived at least 15 years and 9 months, although 28.5 years was achieved by a captive bird.”

Unusually empty seats behind home plate today. Is it the sweltering heat driving people into shade? Garcia is not sharp so far, and Flande got two gift strikeouts last inning.

Looks like the smallest crowd for quite a while. Lots of empty seats all around unless there is something going on elsewhere in the stadium?

It’s just plain ole’ hot out today. Mid-90’s at least. Heck, I was hot yesterday, I wasn’t even in the sun and it was an evening game. I can’t imagine how hot it gets mid-day in the full sun. Whew.

Moss came through.I’ve been waiting for him to do something and this was perfect.

Yes that was an awesome finish. Too bad it was not on Haley’s day at the park, but good to stay in front of the Pirates and leave the home stand on a winning note. Otherwise they would have split three series with three sub .500 opponents.

They often seem to win in spite of Matheny though as after last night I am not sure why Cishek was called upon. Isn’t Villanueva’s role to cover innings for this fifth starter position? If not why is he on the roster? Aside from Cishek the bullpen committee did well though.

I’m thinking MM simply wants to get Cishek well acclimated. You know…to see how he works with Yadi, or if he follows the Cards’ game plan like he should, is picking up on signals correctly, etc. Cishek doesn’t have the benefit of having been taught the “Cardinal Way”, like our minor league guys have. ; )
Btw…they did say this afternoon’s game was another sell-out at Busch Stadium. So, I highly suspect the empty seats you noticed belonged to fans who just couldn’t take the burning hot sun.

Interesting article, if you have time. Just some speculation about what the Card’s future may hold.

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