August 19: Giants @ Cardinals

Jenifer Langosch/

Records: Cardinals (76-43, +5.0 in NL Central), Giants (65-54, -2.0 in NL West)

First pitch: 6:15 pm CT

TV/Radio: Fox Sports Midwest, 1120 KMOX

Cardinals lineup: Matt Carpenter (3B), Stephen Piscotty (RF), Jhonny Peralta (SS), Yadier Molina (C), Mark Reynolds (1B), Kolten Wong (2B), Tommy Pham (CF), Brandon Moss (LF), Jaime Garcia (LHP)

Giants lineup: Kelby Tomlinson (2B), Matt Duffy (3B), Brandon Belt (LF), Buster Posey (1B), Brandon Crawford (SS), Andrew Susac (C), Justin Maxwell (RF), Juan Perez (CF), Matt Cain (RHP)

Transactions: None

Reading material:

  • In an otherwise strong start, Lance Lynn doomed by walks (link)
  • Jason Heyward was unavailable on Tuesday, but his hamstring injury does not appear to be serious (link)
  • Game recap from the Cardinals’ 2-0 loss to the Giants on Tuesday (link)
  • Columnist Mike Bauman examines the historic season being had by the Cardinals’ pitching staff (link)
  • Preview for Wednesday’s series finale against the Giants (link)
  • Pitching prospect Jack Flaherty continues his strong run with low-A Peoria (link)

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Good start with one run in the first, but what a catch to prevent another run. Not sure why Yadi tried for two but… Hope Garcia is good enough to limit them or that we get more run support somehow.

I know we’re tied. But I guess we kinda’ hafta’ have faith in Garcia right now.

WOng has really lost it in the field….might blow this game too.

A good exciting win, with Molina stepping up big. He was definitely in MVP mode and pumped. Good to win with the toughest stretch of the year ahead with 10 games out West followed by the Nats and Rats.

Post-game? MM said he took Jaime out a little early, ’cause he’d gotten in some trouble…plus he wanted to put a RHP in to face the next 2 right-handed batters. OK, fine. But my theory is that he yanked Garcia to sorta’ keep him in check…to RE-instill some humility in him. Kind of a head-game, in other words….to let Jaime know he’s not infallible.
Fun game to watch. Like…who puts one of their best pitchers in to pinch-hit? Only San Fran. Hahaha.
Moss is in trouble. Reynolds showed some good stuff, tho’.
Whoa! That catch by the Giants’ RF Juan Perez was something of beauty. He totally stole that home run from Piscotty. Lucky for us, Piscotty did a repeat.
Overall…a great game.

Haley you are so lucky being able to watch the games and interviews afterwards.Your able to gleen so much more than me or Bob could ever get via computer.Thanks for what you do
Now on to the west coast SD ARI and SF.
Any word on Heyward, Grichuk and the rest of the DL crowd?

Actually, if you guys have time to hook up your computers (w/speakers on) to the KMOX live-stream about a half hour before each game? They typically have an interview with MM about that particular nite’s game. About half the time…they’ll air the latest interview with Mo, as well.
Also? The KMOX post-game radio show will repeat the audio portions of the post-game FSMidwest TV interviews that I watch.
Here’s the link again. Altho’ if you’d try to listen now? You’ll only hear the normal talk radio topics of the day. Not specifically baseball ’til later.

Additionally, a local newspaper columnist Derrick Goold, is usually one of the first ones in town to get the lowdown any Cardinal news flashes. Jen’s good at that too, of course. : )
Here’s his link:

Those are good suggestions and beats having to pull in the scratchy weak KMOX signal on AM as I did for years. But I will not see much of them this week as I am two hours east of St. Louis so those western games are simply on too late.

Oh that’s right, Bob. Your time-zone is east of St Louis.
The west-coast games are even kind of late for me….seeing that they start after 9pm here. One past game out west went into extra innings one nite, and I passed out before it was over. Just couldn’t keep my eyes open. Hahaha.
Up on this blog page, on the right-hand side? Are Jen’s tweets. But she includes article links you can click on, which don’t require a Twitter acct. Her updates are always good timely info. Especially, her last two tweets containing links to recent articles about DL updates & Bourjos’ lack of playing time.

If anyone’s having withdrawal tonite? KMOX has a live baseball show on right now, going over pros & cons of the Cards games & their current situation.

Says KMOX “Not available in your location”. Will go on one of the radio apps to see if I can find it there.

Wow, I thought you could stream it anywhere on a computer. Hmmmm. Well, just so you know? The sports show subject at the moment is our St Louie Blues hockey. They’ll be getting back to baseball tho’, they claimed.
In any event, if you are able to get a KMOX stream somehow? I think you’ll enjoy the evening sports-casts.

I stream KNOX too, but sometimes get nothing or worst Rush replays.God I dislike that man.Agree with him or not he’s on the air just to start trouble.He spreads hate making real discourse harder because no one wants to here another opinion other than their own. Being tollerrant of others doesn’t mean you are agreeing with them,
I think people have forgotten the distinction. WOW did I just type all that ………..sorry now back to the baseball.
How about my favorite OF Pollock 3-4, 3rbis last night.Hitting .316 putting him top 5 in the league, while he leads the league in runs scored. MO GET POLLOCK,move Lynn, Bourjos, and or Adams to get him. Tremdous player and even better person.
DO the Deal
Something has to be wrong with Moss for him to drop in production the way he has.
Either he’s hurt or what ever he was taking he ain’t taking anymore.He’s looked over matched at times and he adjusts to nothing.PULL ,pull, pull. Einstein once said repeating the same mistake over and over,expecting different results is the definition of stupidity. Moss isn’t Einstein, heck he’s not even Forest Gump!!

Yep, Rush IS over-the-top. Any extremists (whether conservative or liberal) are usually goof-balls.

Yessir, your buddy AJ is red-hot! ; ) But remember…he won’t officially be a free-agent until 2018.
“Bourjos won’t get put in until he shows us he’s earned some playing time”, says MM. But Bourjos wonders how to earn playing time, if he’s not back playing at AAA and simply sitting here, on the bench. Could be that by keeping him on the roster, it might make other teams think he’d be worth taking in trade? Quite the quandary, eh???
Also, it appears that MM’s strong on Lynn, despite the occasional poor outing. One of Lynn’s strengths…is that he can easily go a full 8 innings when necessary. Even 9 if the Cards’ lead would be big enuf’. So…I suspect MM feels in & of itself…that’s worth a lot.
Regarding Moss? I’m wondering if his excitement about being with the Cards is stressing him out. MM commented that he’d never seen anybody so hyped-up & thrilled about being traded.
Even the FSMidwest sportscasters were thinking Moss’ nerves are getting the best of him. They went on to add that he’s likely putting too much pressure on himself, and thus…just can’t relax at the plate & focus.

To digress? Not that I’ve tried it…but supposedly, there are 2 downloads (“Bluestacks” & “Andy”) which allow a PC to run an app. I wonder if either would work with the KMOX app?

I wonder if Adams and Jay make it back who’ll be left off the post season roster? Right now Moss would probably be first on that list.

Afraid you’re right, the poor guy.
Adams can scare me sometimes ’cause he runs hot & cold. He’ll slump one week, but kick butt the next. I have a feeling they’ll platoon him with Reynolds.
MM just said he’s gonna’ send JJay down to the minors this coming week to get his playing groove back….and see how that goes.
Tonite we’ve got Piscotty back in LF, Pham in CF and Heyward in RF. Lackey’s up against a guy who’s had a hard time of late. Hopefully, he still is…and we can take advantage.
The Padre’s CF Jankowski, is a new kid that just got called up this past Wednesday.

Moss at 1B, Carp at 2nd, and Reynolds at 3rd. MM has been stressing the last coupla’ weeks, that ya’ have to earn playing time. So Wong’s not in tonite. Pirates won today, so we need to win too.
MM’s pre-game interview is coming up. Wonder what he’ll have to say….

It is probably a good idea to sit Wong so he can recharge. There is no room for error in the division with the best three teams in the NL in the same division and the Cubs and Rats keep winning. I hope that they can go at least. 500 on the road trip so they don’t fall too far behind.

That’s pretty much what MM said, in so many words. He said Wong needs to relax and maybe UN-focus a bit. So, he told Wong he should just come to the park late, and skip the pre-game meeting, videos, etc. This everyday playing is grueling, he added. So everyone hits a wall once in a while.
And yep, winning half our games should be good ‘nuf until we have most everybody back in the line-up. Go Cards!

On tonite’s KMOX pre-game show, the host was reading some of the show’s listener texts. He said he couldn’t get over some of the criticisms for a team with our record. Just spoiled Card’s fans, he laughed. Tsk, tsk.

Irrespective of how the game ends? I’ve heard MM say if he was out of bench-players and needed a pinch-hitter? He’d chose Martinez….provided he wasn’t pitching that game. : )

It’s going to be a looong road trip. No run support and bullpen letting Martinez down.

I give up. ~sigh~ Martinez wasn’t his sharpest tonite…altho’ he did have a coupla’ good at-bats. Our offense is too crippled right now to deal with anything less than stellar pitching. G’nite folks…

PS? Yep, Bob. The Cards’ bullpen wasn’t up for it this time around. Too bad, so sad. : (

The worst game of the year to date. Hope they snap out of this soon.

You Nailed it Bob. Total Dog Doo. Hope they’re aware that the Pirates are looking to do what we did to the Brewers last year. I hate symmetry.This road trip could prove to be the reason we win or lose the division title this year!
Also, the Cards web site had a stupid Sam-sung pop up add on it all day and you could n’t back out of it. I’ll never buy their phone now. Pollock up over .320 and even though his contact is up in 2018 the PA contract says he can get a new one based on yrs. of service and playing time. He’s getting a big boy pay check next year for sure.

You’re not kidding, Dave. Your friend AJ Pollock keeps churning out the hits! He’ll be worth beau-coup bucks, whatever contract he signs. ; )
Both of these last 2 games were really disheartening. Too many injuries. Then Carp ejected, bat-boy ball-contact ignored & strike-zone vague in last nite’s game.
Not sure what MM can do until Grichuk & Holliday are back. Looked like Heyward wasn’t quite 100% yet, either. Also, kinda’ hard to figure out how to bring Wong out of his “funk”. But only 8 more days ’til the rosters can expand from 25 to 40.
Oh, btw…I’ve had a Samsung S3 for a coupla’ years now, and have been real happy with it. The 4.8″ screen is as big as anyone would likely need.

This was for Sam-sung phones. As far as the Cards go I’m getting very concerned.
Wacha has to have his A game today and I’m worried that that won’t even be enough.
We need one of those Jack Clark 3 run dingers at just the right time. Hell, I’d even take a Roy Clark,,Patula Clark or a Dick Clark dinger at this point:)

Wacha hasn’t been perfect but he has played the stopper to down patches before, if we could only score runs. He did quite well last time out but didn’t earn the win as the limited run support came too late. Here’s hoping its not too bad as the early start makes this the one game I can watch this week.

Mozeliak’s interview this morning, was a bit on the upbeat side. He said Holliday’s progress is coming along nicely in Florida. Mo’s guess right now? Holliday could be back in 2-3 weeks.
Adams will actually start playing A-ball in Palm Beach this coming week to see how he swings his bat. Then he’ll probably switch to a few games at AAA Memphis. Grichuk’s elbow rehab is going well, too.
But JJay’s wrist is what’s puzzling. It’s taken a little longer than expected. While JJ has been traveling with the team just recently? Mo says they’ll have to see how he bats in rehab games first, before they’ll let him play here. And Marco Gonzales’ AAA outings have been “frustrating”.
Lyons was optioned back to Memphis last nite after the game, and Greg Garcia called up to play 2B today while Wong sits.
Moss will sit on the bench and Reynolds goes back to 1B. Pham (CF) batting 2nd, Garcia batting 8th.
When asked about Piscotty eventually being moved to 1B? Mo said there’s quite a lot to be discussed with MM, once we have some of the DL players back.

That was a very good game for hitters’ confidence and they took advantage of opportunities in the first and got great followup from Heyward and Piscotty with some help from Molina and Peralta too.

Without Piscotty , the team might be looking at a wild card spot right now. Good to see Wacha provide a steady enough performance and get the win this time, tied for the MLB lead.

Great game for sure. Heyward has been really consistent lately, which is good to see.
Did you see Wacha steal 2B? I’m not so sure MM was happy about that. Considering the risk of injury, I mean.
Piscotty is becoming a big part of the team’s successes. And being so young, like Grichuk? I think they’ll both continue to get better & better.
Heck, Reynolds didn’t do so bad today either. I’ve always liked him for some reason, ever since he joined the club.
Anyway, on to the D-Backs!

Go Giants!………….. at least for tonight. Wacha steals 2nd.Lou Brock smiles!

Well, Vogelsong’s having a tough nite so far. The Pirates seem to be hitting him. Let’s hope San Fran can rally, and beat them darned Bucco’s.
I wonder if Pollock’s gonna’ give our Red Birds some trouble tomorrow? He’d better NOT! Haha.

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