August 27: Cardinals @ Diamondbacks

Jenifer Langosch/

Records: Cardinals (81-45, +4.5 in NL Central), Diamondbacks (62-64, -7.5 in NL West)

First pitch: 6:40 pm CT

TV/Radio: Fox Sports Midwest, 1120 KMOX

Cardinals lineup: Matt Carpenter (1B), Tommy Pham (CF), Jason Heyward (RF), Jhonny Peralta (SS), Kolten Wong (2B), Brandon Moss (LF), Tony Cruz (C), Greg Garcia (3B), Carlos Martinez (RHP)

Diamondbacks lineup: Ender Inciarte (RF), A.J. Pollock (CF), Paul Goldschmidt (1B), David Peralta (LF), Welington Castillo (C), Jake Lamb (3B), Aaron Hill (2B), Chris Owings (SS), Rubby De La Rosa (RHP)

Transactions: None

Reading material:

  • Trevor Rosenthal joins Lee Smith as the only closers in franchise history with multiple 40-save seasons (link)
  • Cardinals’ desert double play total up to eight as team continues to ride its strong defense (link)
  • Game recap from the Cardinals’ 4-1 win over the Diamondbacks on Wednesday (link)
  • Rosenthal to miss team’s upcoming series in San Francisco to attend birth of his second child (link)
  • Peter Bourjos trying to find ways to contribute even if the starting opportunities aren’t there (link)
  • Preview for the Cardinals’ series finale in Arizona on Thursday (link)


Whewy, what change in the line-up. Here’s a new one. Carp at 1st & Greg Garcia taking over 3rd. Piscotty out, replaced by Moss in RF? Yikes…can’t wait to see how THIS turns out! Hahaha.
Good thing Yadi’s finally taking a rest. Kinda’ surprised tho’….’cause if any pitcher needs Yadi? It’s probably Martinez.

Sometimes it seems they throw away a game. D-Backs have almost all their regulars in tonight. Lets hope the next man up theory applies to the next ‘men’ up.

Yeah, next man up is the only way we’ll win tonite. Carlos might help his own cause and get an RBI or 2. Or…maybe Moss finally does something spectacular?
Then again, if things get a little toooo hairy? MM will likely switch things around, back to the usual line-up and insert Piscotty & Reynolds. MM’a never been hesitant to change things or put a resting player back in during the 7th, 8th or 9th, if need be.
To be honest? I kinda’ wonder if….with most/all the DL players coming back soon? MM may just decide to start switching positions on a regular basis….as he feels necessary. Wouldn’t surprise me to one day see Holliday at 1B. Hahaha. I mean, that’s where we had Pujols before, who’s also a bigger, more muscled-up guy.
This could turn out to be a disaster…or, who can tell. Could turn out to be a win for us. Just gotta’ wait & see….
Incidentally, last nite the FSMW booth guys were saying that with such terrific players like Pollock, Goldschmidt & Peralta? The D-Backs could be at the top of the standings, if their pitching was only a bit better.

Like I’ve said before; Lynn, Bourjos and probably a minor league pitcher for Pollock.

Well, I’d be afraid that MM would rather trade Lackey, Bourjos & a minor league pitcher for someone like Pollock. From what I’ve heard during interviews…Lynn “appears” to have MM solidly in his corner. But like you Dave? I’d rather see Lynn go instead of Lackey.

Pre-game interview….MM said the DBacks pitcher (De La Rosa) is known to have issues pitching to lefties. So that’s why Moss is in at RF and Greg Garcia at 3rd.
MM laughed…saying when he asked Carp if he’d mind playing 1st to compensate the shift? Carp gave MM a really intense look….like, are you kidding me? NO problem, I got it!

Yessir! The next man up? Tony Cruz! This team can really amaze ya’ sometimes.

Yes Cruz gets a home run. But the bottom of the inning is worrisome. This is where Molina is needed to steady Martinez. Last night with Lackey was the night to rest him I think.

They really do seem to win in spite of Matheny because of great player especially pitcher development. But at least one article put MM close to the top of the managerial list. But worrisome that the Cubs have the best and now added Rodney for the stretch run. Could be a tough fall and a long year next year.

Great article. Like it said, and a local radio show recently pointed out? MM doesn’t seem to get the respect that you’d assume he deserves.
I dunno’. The media’s simply never been a fan of the good ole St Louie Cardinals. Whatcha’ gonna’ do…

Yer’ probably right, Bob. Martinez should never pitch without Yadi. However, we’re still #1 in the standings…and if we only win the 3 outta’ 4 in AZ? That works for now. Frankly, I have to keep reminding myself, that we simply can’t win each and every single game. That’d be silly.
I still have faith in the Cards winning tonite. So…let’s see what happens.

74 pitches through 4 innings. Yikes. Unfortunately I have a big presentation tomorrow morning so cannot stay up later to see how this one comes out.

Sleep good, Roberto! Keep da’ faith…OK?

Irrespective of a win or loss? Moss finally blasted one into the stands! ‘Bout time, buddy! : )

Poor Pollock. He’s hit into 4 double-plays this series.

….and spectacular it was! Moss’ HR won the game for the Cards!
Who’d have suspected that Cruz & Moss would be the ones to come thru last nite. Nope…nobody. Hahaha.
And how ’bout that Maness! He was amaaaaaaazing! Walked to the mound with bases loaded and no outs….and somehow kept the damage at zero. Quite the nail-biter it was!

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