September 19: Cardinals @ Cubs

Jenifer Langosch/

Records: Cardinals (92-55, +5.0 in NL Central), Cubs (86-61, -6.0 in NL Central)

First pitch: 12:05 pm CT

TV/Radio: FOX, 1120 KMOX

Cardinals lineup: Matt Carpenter (3B), Tommy Pham (CF), Jason Heyward (RF), Jhonny Peralta (SS), Yadier Molina (C), Stephen Piscotty (LF), Kolten Wong (2B), Mark Reynolds (1B), Michael Wacha (RHP)

Cubs lineup: Austin Jackson (CF), Jorge Soler (RF), Kris Bryant (3B), Anthony Rizzo (1B), Starlin Castro (2B), Javier Baez (SS), Chris Denorfia (LF), David Ross (C), Travis Wood (LHP)

Transactions: None

Reading material:

  • Matt Holliday passed all the necessary concussion tests after getting in the head with a pitch on Friday (link)
  • Cubs manager Joe Maddon calls out the Cardinals for hitting Anthony Rizzo a second time (link)
  • Columnist Phil Rogers writes about the heat added to the Cubs-Cards rivalry after Friday’s incidents (link)
  • Another abbreviated start for Lance Lynn — is he throwing too many fastballs? (link)
  • Game recap from the Cardinals’ 8-3 loss to the Cubs on Friday (link)
  • Cardinals announce multi-year extension with KMOX (link)
  • A win for the Cardinals on Saturday and they are officially in the postseason (link)
  • Yadier Molina gets a rare second straight day off as he recovers from wear and tear of catching (link)
  • Cards open Instructional League for a  large group of minor league players (link)

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Even with Wacha on the mound today? Would it be maybe a good idea to walk Starlin Castro?

I hope there are no fireworks following on from yesterday’s incidents. It has stirred lots of passion on the MLB comment’s page.

The managers should keep their yaps shit and let the players on the three strong teams in the division play their best and see who comes out on top. At least LA won so we still have that five game cushion – but a this rate it’s the Cubs we will soon need to hold off.

Sure, I already read that crap. All the hoopla is stupid. I used to respect the Cubs, but no longer. Maddon says HIS pitcher made a mistake, but Belisle did it on purpose? Gimme’ a break!
I just hope we crush ’em today. Boy, if there was any time for the Red Birds to step up? It’s THIS game…and tomorrow’s TOO, for that matter!
Heck, this has made me wish the Pirates would also step it up. Ha!

Madden has to lose that Buddy Holly look too.Those freakin’ glasses aren’t working!
Bob nice Freudian slip about managers yaps:)

I particularly liked that one comment made by the Fox broadcaster. “For those looking from the outside, the Cardinals can appear cocky and arrogant.”
Holy crap…2 homers & now 4 to 1. : (

Cubs don’t start things? 3 HBP today?

But seriously why can’t we catch up with either Cubs or Rats anymore. Not a good omen going into post-season play.

Heyward and Peralta have not got the job done with runners in scoring position the last two days which hasn’t helped.

I dunno’. We’re in another slump, both offensively & pitching-wise. How funny. Carp just hit a 2 run homer!

Close, but no cigar. OK, we really gotta’ win tomorrow. “Course with Lester starting…it won’t be easy.

Well they almost made them pay for that 3rd HBP – but it just turned into another very disappointing loss (with another poor Peralta at bat) with the unsteady Martinez tomorrow.

It was only maybe a month ago that the Cardinals AND sports-writers alike, were extolling the virtues of a certain SS, namely Jhonny Peralta. OK, so it’s slump time. (For Yadi too, I guess.) But this typically happens in little spurts….and then things usually come around.
To digress? I got to thinking….and wow, I think I may have hurt myself. But anyway, here’s my question: If, after all the crap yesterday…the Cardinal pitchers had committed 3 HBP’s? The entire world would’ve wanted the Cards kicked out of major league baseball….right?
But the Cubs practically threaten the Cards with retribution, on TOP of committing the 3 HBP’s….with very little bad press, if any.
I wonder what would happen if just one sports journalist somewhere, would raise a big stink about Rizzo’s Oscar-worthy performance after the “fake-hit”.
Would that journalist be criticized, ostracized, ignored or what? Certainly not applauded. Of that, I’m sure….

Remember Haley the Cardinals are second only to the Yankees with WS wins.The Cubs haven’t won in over a 100yrs………………..100 plus yrs. The media and the networks are over-the-moon at having the chance to cover history.Of course they’re not interested in what actually happened,because its not the Cardinals they’re pulling for, its the “lovable losers”. Of course if they collapse it’ll be good copy for them too!
WIN-WIN for the writers/broadcasters..

OK, I guess I get it. And if we can’t win the WS, maybe it WOULD be nice for the Cubbies to win instead.
Just that Maddon makes it a little difficult for me to empathize with them. Grrrrrr.
MM would never be like that.
Another thought? Maybe everybody should just quit using the phrase, “The Cardinal Way”. Sounds like that’s what primarily ticks people off about the Red Birds.
That by the way I’m sure, was what Maddon was referring to yestserday, when he said, “I never read their book and don’t want to”…or something LIKE that, anyway.

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