September 26: Brewers @ Cardinals

Jenifer Langosch/

Records: Cardinals (97-57, +3.0 in NL Central), Brewers (65-89, -32.0 in NL Central)

First pitch: 6:15 pm CT

TV/Radio: Fox Sports 1, 1120 KMOX

Cardinals lineup: Matt Carpenter (3B), Stephen Piscotty (RF), Matt Holliday (LF), Jason Heyward (CF), Jhonny Peralta (SS), Brandon Moss (1B), Kolten Wong (2B), Tony Cruz (C), Jaime Garcia (LHP)

Brewers lineup: Jean Segura (SS), Jonathan Lucroy (1B), Ryan Braun (RF), Khris Davis (LF), Domingo Santana (CF), Hernan Perez (3B), Martin Maldonado (C), Yadiel Rivera (2B), Tyler Wagner (RHP)

Transactions: None

Other: Adam Wainwright threw a simulated inning this afternoon. He faced six batters and threw 27 pitches.

Reading material:

  • Carlos Martinez exits with a shoulder injury after throwing seven pitches on Friday (link)
  • Game recap from the Cardinals’ 4-3 loss to the Brewers on Friday (link)
  • Tyler Lyons pressed into long relief duty, may next be making spot start (link)
  • Win the NL Central, and the Cards are guaranteed home-field advantage through the NLCS (link)
  • Preview of Saturday’s game against the Brewers (link)

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Once again the Cardinals “shoulder strain” BS proved serious.Martinez gone for the season. Next, surgery will be put off until next season starts.Sometimes I really wonder about their medical staff.

Yup. Looks like Martinez over-did it this season. (The article says likely due to over-use.) I read tho’, that no surgery will be needed. Just rest for 8+ weeks.
I’m not sure Lyons has developed a good enuf’ arsenal yet, to be a starter. His pitches sometimes appear flat & easy to hit.
But then who else could ya’ start? Cooney started once & did decent. Tui might be able to give it a go. Or like Maddon does? Bring in a few bullpen guys to pitch, 2 innings each.
Needless to say, Waino will be on the post-season roster now. He screwed up his achilles when he tried to turn and run after he got a base hit, yeah. And it seems like that’s something that’d benefit from an ankle brace to help him get back to 100%? You know…to make him better able to deal with bunts?
I read an article a not real long ago. During a Costas’ charity event a while back, Waino said, ” A guy looked me right in the eyes, a 50-year-old man, and said, ‘I was back climbing mountains in five months after MY surgery. So if you can’t do it, you’re a wuss.” Hahaha.
Good motivation, huh?

No surgery needed ay? We’ll see, come spring training. Hope my prediction above doesn’t come true. Now Lynn becomes more valuable in the off season as does Garcia especially if one was on MO’s mind to move for a bat.

Unfortunately, that’s true. No question that Lynn & Garcia have suddenly become invaluable.
One odd thing tho’. Pre-game live interview with MM? Couldda’ sworn I heard him say it was hard to look at Martinez’ arm, and see that little bit of blood?
My best guess is that he meant blood-red color possibly pooling underneath the skin, near the strained area. Or then again…maybe I have mental issues, and imagined it. Just kinda’ curious….that’s all. : )
I do feel that whatever it is….will heal up just fine. Carlos is so young, and kids simply heal faster & better than the slightly older crowd.
Also, I’m not sure anything has affected Mo’s opinion of what we need or could use. I have no doubt that he’ll still be looking for a big-bat. We have RHP Alex Reyes scheduled to come up from Memphis this Spring. He throws 102mph, and appears to have decent control over his fast-balls too.
Mo clearly announced that Reyes would not be brought up this season no matter what. Well, maybe he wasn’t anticipating Martinez going on the DL? It’ll depend on how desperate management gets.

Well that’s pretty much that. Lynn will have to be full time in the post-season rotation now; with Yadi, the 2 Matts, Randall, Waino etc being only partially available if at all, there won’t be enough to offset the gap in pitching. Dave is correct about the medical staff; they do seem to ignore things until too late and then hurry people back too. Let’s hope they keep ahead of the Pirates who seem to be soaring now – a one game post-season would be a bad disappointment after how well they have done throughout the year.

By the way, does Jenifer or anyone else actually ask MM why he continues using Choate and Bourjos? Or why he would use Rosenthal in a non save situation? He should be pressed on those points at least to see what, if any explanation there might be.

Not if she wants to keep her job!

Not really. Very few tend to “press” & ask flat-out questions like those, mostly out of respect I suppose. Of if they do…it’s done in a round-about way. Like, “Did Rosenthal himself WANT to be put in, even tho’ it wasn’t a save situation?”
Kinda’ playing dumb when asking questions….seems to be the most polite way to get particular questions answered. Probably the way I’d do it to keep my job AND my relationship with the team. ; )
I’ll try again to text a radio host or somebody else…to see if they have a theory on your Choate, Bourjos & Rosie questions .
KMOX post-game show will often go into stuff like that.

Nice pun:)


Good start tonight. Hope they can press the advantage to keep the heat on the Pirates. and hope Cubs don’t let up and get a good game from Arrieta tomorrow.

Also how do Wacha’s innings and pitch count compare to Martinez? Could he run into similar problems?

Yeah, their numbers are similar this year. Martinez 179 IP vs Wacha’s 177 IP. But this is the first season Martinez was forced to pitch this many innings. I’m not sure at all…but Carlos may have only pitched about half that many innings last season?
Last year Wacha did develop some type of shoulder-blade (scapula) stress injury, as you probably recall. But perhaps he’s better conditioned now.
Guess it’ll always be a mystery why guys like Garcia are so “delicate”, but pitchers like Lackey, never seem to have issues. Luck of the draw (or genes) as they say.

Well Garcia looks anything but fragile tonight. One of his best performances so far. Lets hope Wacha is strengthened and went through the shoulder fatigue last year.

A good game to take the sting off of the loss of Martinez. But now Carpenter leaves with hip stiffness? Hope its not a big deal; they really cannot deal with too many more of these injuries (and it does make one question the training/medical staff).

There’s that word again……..stiffness:(

Carpenter is calling it “tightness”: Same difference?

There could be no actual problem. Maybe Carp simply wanted to leave the game, and just said his hip felt tight so he could exit the stadium? Might’ve been more mental than physical. Baseball morning, noon & nite has to get to ya’ sometimes…eh?

Im in terrific company because post!

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