September 27: Brewers @ Cardinals

Jenifer Langosch/

Records: Cardinals (98-57, +3.0 in NL Central), Brewers (65-90, -33.0 in NL Central)

First pitch: 1:15 pm CT

TV/Radio: Fox Sports Midwest, 1120 KMOX

Cardinals lineup: Matt Carpenter (3B), Stephen Piscotty (RF), Jason Heyward (CF), Randal Grichuk (LF), Matt Adams (1B), Kolten Wong (2B), Greg Garcia (SS), Tony Cruz (C), John Lackey (RHP)

Brewers lineup: Logan Schafer (CF), Jean Segura (SS), Adam Lind (1B), Khris Davis (LF), Domingo Santana (RF), Hernan Perez (3B), Martin Maldonado (C), Yadiel Rivera (2B), Tyler Cravy (RHP)

Transactions: None

Reading material:

  • A shoulder injury has brought Carlos Martinez’s special season to an abrupt end (link)
  • Matt Holliday is back and impacting the offense in big ways (link)
  • Adam Wainwright throws another simulated inning, awaits doctors OK to come off DL (link)
  • Game recap from the Cardinals’ 5-1 win over the Brewers on Saturday (link)
  • Matt Carpenter exited Saturday’s game with a mild hip issue, but downplayed the injury afterward (link)
  • Preview of the Cardinals’ regular-season home finale on Sunday (link)

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Shouldn’t this be a day off for Carpenter giving Reynolds a start to save Matt for Pittsburgh series? Hope he doesn’t miss more time as a result.

At least the good news is he’s healthy enough to play. We need another injury like we need Trump in the White House. I was at Mercy College on the Hudson River this past Thursday and the Air Force were running drills. These large radar planes and jets were flying over.The jets were so low they were leaving rooster tails in the water.
The school got e-mails that they were preparing for the Pope and the U.N. General Assembily visits. The N.Y. sky line still looks odd without the towers rising up out of the city’s center. Probably like ST.Louis would look without the Arch.
Last home game of the year then on the road for the last 6. Three against the Pirates and we need two or at the very least one.Finish in Atlanta.

MLB TV seems to be down. Tried different browsers and computers, so I am at a loss on how to watch it today.

Yet another base running out cutting a chance for a rally. This series has been surprisingly tight. They need this win to put pressure on the Pirates vs Arrieta tonight.

Well great to see Carpenter get a solo shot. I Guess he is OK. Rosenthal cost us though. Unbelievable. No team record for saves today. Wonder what is up with him. Hard to believe there are so many issues they have to deal with going to the post season even if they squeak in to the division title. It could be a very short October.

No worries Bob, we’ll be there. October is Cardinal time!!!!!

No comment.

Terrible omen for the Pirates series. At least they probably will handle it as a team and not point fingers like the awful spectacle of Harper- Papblebon on the Nationals.

The pressure is on the Bucs not us. Playing the Cubs isn’t as hard as it was a week ago.However, facing Cole in a one game playoff won’t be fun.

Anyone nervous yet?

Like one of the booth guys said….”Feels like we got punched in the gut today”. And yes, very nervous. : (

Jake Arrieta making a statement to Bucs about that one game playoff so far – two perfect innings and a rare home run to make it 2-0 in second.

He got through 6 perfect, and now a one hitter with a 5-0 lead going into the 8th. Unless the Pirates do like the Brewers, the E number will drop to 4, though would have been nice to get that win this afternoon to drop it down to 3.

A poster named “Rally Squirrel” just put this on Facebook.

“Matheny has coached this team to 98 wins without Waino, Holliday, Jay and Adams for much of the season and many other injuries. Yet some want him fired. I’ll take him every night. The players love him and he’s got their back. The Cardinals are a team that has overcome adversity and that starts at the top. Manager of the year. ‪#‎rallysquirrel‬”

Generally I agree though worry that the closeness to players can hinder decisions (esp. Choate) and that he is a slow learner given to following the same patterns which wears some of the younger players down Martinez, Carpenter wtc.). Strategy in tight playoff contests is also still up in the air given the playoff exits since he has managed. Still 4 winning, playoff seasons with many injuries and shifting young talent does suggest strengths as well. This week will be another key test.

Of course it would be Lynn to start the series, making a win to generate momentum more difficult.

Good post by “Rally Squirrel”. He also nailed it, saying MM’s closeness to his players (his personal loyalty) can affect MM’s decisions adversely, especially concerning Choate.
The question a reporter might put to MM? “Is Choate’s record, his last several outings, possibly indicative that he’s losing or already has lost his edge?”
A far better way to put it me thinks….than to ask, “WHY in the heck do you keep putting Choate in?” Hehehe.
As for Lynn and the game tonite? Gonna’ be a real nail-biter!

Grichuk, Garcia, Pham, Adams, Reynolds not starting. Wanna’ bet the “musical chairs” starts early???
And let’s hope Cruz keeps it up. I think since he took over for Yadi? He’s hit safely in every game except one.
Did you see Freese’s walk-off homer the other day, btw? Deja vu.

I am not sure how Moss has earned a start over Pham. Put Piscotty and first and sub Reynolds or Moss late as in past successful games.

I didn’t realize how bad the pitching match ups were going to be for us. If Lynn is not on tonight, then who is going to come in to clean up in long relief, with Lyons needed on Wednesday? We have no long reliever now aside from Villanueva. Maybe Tuivailala? Did the call up any other pitcher like Cooney to take that on? And if games are close, will Rosenthal regain this form and nerve? Last trip to Pittsburgh didn’t go well for him. Maybe Belisle and Cishek will need to be used? And Lyon’s match-up with Cole is not favorable to us at all. Wacha might have a shot against Morton tomorrow, but this could easily be 2 of 3 at least for the Pirates.

Yup, you’ve pretty much summed up all the negatives the Cards are gonna’ have to deal with.
This is such an important game, that Lance may actually TRY to mix up his pitches. Feeding the opposition a steady diet of 4-seamers, hasn’t always done the trick….and at this point, Lynn’s hopefully realized that.
Incidentally, neither Tim Cooney nor Marco Gonzales are on the active 40-man roster. So, they’re out of the picture.
Who knows….maybe they’ll use Tuivailala. He’s got good stuff. Just that he can have issues controlling his fastballs. But maybe if he’d try to keep them 95mph or under? He might find he’d have better placement.
Belisle’s been in once as a short-reliever, right? Maybe he’d be good for more than one inning, if need be.
Oh yeah, and Jay’s not starting tonite, either.

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