September 30: Cardinals @ Pirates (Game 1)

Jenifer Langosch/

Records: Cardinals (99-58, +4.0 in NL Central), Pirates (95-62, -4.0 in NL Central)

First pitch: 12:35 pm CT

TV/Radio: Fox Sports Midwest, MLB Network, 1120 KMOX

Cardinals lineup: Matt Carpenter (3B), Jon Jay (CF), Matt Holliday (LF), Jason Heyward (RF), Jhonny Peralta (SS), Mark Reynolds (1B), Kolten Wong (2B), Tony Cruz (C), Michael Wacha (RHP)

Pirates lineup: Gregory Polanco (RF), Starling Marte (LF), Andrew McCutchen (CF), Aramis Ramirez (3B), Neil Walker (2B), Pedro Alvarez (1B), Francisco Cervelli (C), Jordy Mercer (SS), Gerrit Cole (RHP)

Transactions: The Cardinals activated RHP Adam Wainwright from the 60-day DL and placed RHP Carlos Martinez on the 60-day DL

Reading material:

  • Stephen Piscotty was released from the hospital and may be playing again before the end of regular season (link)
  • Adam Wainwright is available out of the Cardinals’ bullpen immediately (link)
  • Yadier Molina expects to be playing in the postseason (link)
  • One win in two games on Wednesday will give the Cardinals another division title (link)
  • Tuesday’s game postponed due to rain (link)

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Well this game is a dud. Looks like we have to win the nightcap behind the inexperienced Lyons, without Cruz behind the plate I assume. Too bad Wacha had a meltdown. So with Wainwright not up to speed to start as yet, that leaves only Lackey and the fragile Garcia as reliable for the post-season. Not a great situation,

Holiday also cannot go in the second game. So has to be Easley and Pham I guess (with Piscotty on the mend). Not a promising lineup.

You mean Easley to catch instead of Tartamella?

Yes at catcher of course. I know little of Tartamella and expect Easley has a moderate amount of better experience, though he is not as strong defensively.

Should they rest regulars already for game 2? Or hold out for a come back?

Looks like MM’s gonna’ give them this game. I have no idea what the line-up will be for tonite. But I think it may be possible that Waino might come in for an inning or two. Have to wait & see.

Don’t think it would be good to rely on Wainwright when he has no in-game use for some time. Hope Lyons can get 5 innings or more and then the bullpen regulars can continue the job. But batters will be tired despite their lack of success so far, so who knows if the offense will support Lyons and the others this evening. A long day on the field.

And in fact MM is going to use Wainwright in this game and see how he does with no stress; then go with the bullpen regulars in the second game.

Will see how it goes, but stadium will be rocking and fans may be a factor again tonight. Biggest start of Lyons career. How has Morton been lately?

Lyons kinda’ scares me. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…he has the physicality to be a fine pitcher. Just not sure he’s developed a good enuf’ arsenal yet.
Villanueva I heard someone say, would be ready to jump in tonite…if Tyler gets in a little trouble.
The upside of this evening’s game, is that Morton’s not the Pirates’ best pitcher.

Yes Lyons is iffy. And so is Villanueva, but it will have to be hose two tonight. We have to hope Morton is not on tonight. It would be more than ironic if Miller shits us down Saturday and gives the Pirates a boost, so hope we can avoid that possibility by winning tonight,though the starting group will e tired.

Not sure it was such a good idea to walk Alvarez, though pitching around him would have made sense. With Pittsburgh anxious to avoid elimination he might have offered at a bad pitch or two. Lets hope whatever strategy is used this evening works and the offense seizes the moment against Morton, though we really haven’t deserved to win either game so far in this series.

Yep, in MM’s post-game interview, someone asked why the Cards were so “cautious” with Alverez, (quote) MM replied, “Well, he’s GOOD!”….and that was that.
And no one knows what tonite’s game will bring. That’s for sure. : )

While Braves have been poor, it won’t be great to have to win two there from a loose team with no pressure and nothing to prove and a pitcher (Miller) who might like a little payback.

Yeah, I guess you might be right. Shelby could really screw us up if he happens to be on point that day.
I’ve always felt bad for Shelby & Joe Kelly, being traded and first finding out via the TV. Not the nicest way to do it…ya’ know? They were best man at each other’s weddings, by the way. : (
We really need to get this one done. It’s making the Cards AND the rest of us pretty dang nervous.
Tinkerbell needs to throw some of her “magic dust” on Tyler tonite. Maybe she’s somewhere near Pittsburgh right now? : )

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