Cards announce NLDS roster, rotation order

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Following the Cardinals’ workout on Thursday, manager Mike Matheny announced his 25-man National League Division Series roster, which will feature an 11-man pitching staff and 14 position players, including Yadier Molina. The roster breakdown is as follows:

Starting pitchers: John Lackey, Jaime Garcia, Michael Wacha, Lance Lynn

Relievers: Trevor Rosenthal, Kevin Siegrist, Jonathan Broxton, Adam Wainwright, Seth Maness, Carlos Villanueva, Tyler Lyons

Catchers: Molina, Tony Cruz

Infielders: Matt Carpenter, Jhonny Peralta, Kolten Wong, Mark Reynolds, Brandon Moss, Greg Garcia

Outfielders: Matt Holliday, Jason Heyward, Randal Grichuk, Tommy Pham, Stephen Piscotty, Jon Jay

Matheny, who had previously announced Lackey as his Game 1 starter, also confirmed the rest of his rotation order. Garcia will start Game 2 at Busch Stadium on Saturday, while Michael Wacha and Lance Lynn will start Games 3 and 4, respectively, at Wrigley Field.

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i think this is a pretty good first take and provides pretty solid offense. The panels Moss/Adams and Garcia/Kozma choices were probably tough but hopefully will work out. We will see how it goes.

Right. Garcia’s had much better at-bats…so I kinda’ expected he’d get the nod over Kozma. That’s what one columnist said. Probably needs to be offense over defense in choosing post-season rosters.
And Adams just isn’t back to 100% yet, which is no real surprise.
I am concerned about the use of Lyons, tho’. Better not to use him unless there are absolutely no other options.
MM didn’t have a choice other than to release the roster today. Tomorrow would be too late for the players & non-players alike, to have time to digest & process the info.
Anyway, the waiting’s finally over. Whew.

Pham and Jay is a surprise but allows platoons. Jay has come through often in post-season and Pham has pop. Lyons would be good back-up for Lynn or Wacha as would Villanueva.

Do you know if any position players have catching experience should Yadi have to leave mid game and Cruz needed backup? Where did you see the line-up for Friday’s game and is Molina in the game?

Well, that’s the thing I thought would get Kozma on board. He’s not only caught bullpens regularly (I think?)…but I heard MM once say Pete’s a pretty decent pitcher as well. Hahaha.
Jay’s not one to hit HR’s all that often. But most recently, and back prior to his wrist injury? It “seemed” like he was able to get on base almost every time he was up to bat.
As for tomorrow nite’s line-up? Not sure that’s been posted yet. But since the roster only includes Yadi & Cruz? I’d have to assume MM will start Yadi. And if, at the last minute, Yadi’s not ready? Then Cruz would catch of course. I suspect MM feels it’s imperative to win the first 2 games…so all the starters need to start if possible.
After perusing some articles…I found that a bunch of the talking-heads are favoring the Cubs in 5. The weasels. Hehehe.

And by the way? Here’s the link again for the roster release:

Ya’ know? After reading some place that Heyward might start at CF tomorrow? That makes me think Holliday in LF, Piscotty in RF? I have a felling that Piscotty actually prefers RF to either CF OR 1B.

Yeah n Adams on 1st base where he belongs

Buddy Holly HBP:)


Well, I ran into another article that was even LESS favorable than that. It gave the Cubs an advantage at almost all positions. The problem with stats ‘n stuff, is it doesn’t take into account the “musical chairs” the Cards have been playing.
Irrespective….this is gonna’ be some crazy series.

What do you make of this quote?

“Choate has not been present at the team’s two workouts this week. Belisle and Cishek threw simulated innings on Thursday so they can stay sharp in case they’re needed later in the postseason”.

Does that mean Choate is sulking and not participating at all? Or have they basically told him he will not be used all post-season? If Waino joins as late inning specialist, can Seigrist and Lyons be juggled by situation as lefty specialists? Leaving 7-8-9 to some combination of Broxton, Waino, Rsenthala nd sometimes Seigrist or Maness?

Choate’s contract is up this year. I suppose he sees the writing on the wall. He won’t be picked up again by the Cards, in other words.
So he may be feigning a sore shoulder or something….merely so he doesn’t have to spin his wheels working out when he knows he won’t be used in the post-season.
And sure, nothing’s off the table. Either lefty, Siegrist or Lyons could serve as “the left-handed specialist”. My money’s on Lyons tho’….to fill in for Choate-type situations. The rest of it? You’re probably right about.
That’s what I think….

Given how well Cruz filled in, I hope they use Yadi sparingly depending on the situation; we don’t need either re-injury or passed balls from this.

Yep, I’ve always felt Cruz hasn’t received the respect he deserves. Heck, Yadi said he was very happy about how well Cruz was doing. He even mentioned that with more regular at-bats? Tony’s BA has soared.
But the issue at hand…is tomorrow nite’s game. We HAVE to win while we’re home. Both games. Therefore, MM will likely trust Yadi’s judgement as to whether he can or can’t play “effectively” (the operative word).
This is not the time to use caution. Using Molina sparingly isn’t truly an option. If Yadi says he can play? Let’s go do it! And if he re-injures his thumb…so be it. They’ll just have to call up Easley or Tartamella….and Yadi can have corrective surgery during the off-season.
Unfortunately, it’s all or nothing at this point. There are only 5 games to worry about right now, and it’s possible (tho’ not probable) the Cardinals 2015 season ends in 3. We simply cannot let that happen. Go CARDS!!!!!!

I am very excited waiting for watching all of them playing the best baseball. Go Cards!

How ’bout it. The Chicago Tribune & the Sporting News are predicting the Cards over the Cubbies in 5.
White Sox fan-bar in Chi-town (McNally’s) is giving out free beer for each Cardinal HR. Hahaha.

Poor Cueto just can’t get his act together in KC. Losing 4-1 to Astros in a must win game. Odd that turnaround when he was so reliable in the NL.

Pitching is important. Hope we can get and hold leads for Lackey and Garcia so the series does not slip to us being down or tied going to Chicago with Arietta Monday and Lynn on our side Tuesday.

Yes, I watched the pre-game stuff. They were saying Cueto’d had some issues recently, but that he and his catcher had made what they thought were the necessary “adjustments”.
Apparently, whatever it was…hasn’t been “fixed” after all.

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