Cards near deal with SS Ruben Tejada

Jenifer Langosch/

The Cardinals are nearing an agreement on a Major League deal with former Mets shortstop Ruben Tejada, who recently cleared waivers and became a free agent. The addition would help fortify the Cardinals’ shortstop depth, which thinned following a spring injury to Jhonny Peralta.

Tejada, who will take the final open spot on the Cardinals’ 40-man roster once the signing is finalized, is considered an average defensive shortstop and has hit .255/.330/.323 over his six-year Major League career, all with the Mets.

Tejada, 26, was due $3 million by the Mets in 2016 before being released last week. The Mets no longer needed the additional middle infield depth with Wilmer Flores returning and Asdrubal Cabrera and Neil Walker joining the club over the offseason.

For the Cardinals, the addition of Tejada would give them an additional shortstop option as they wait for Peralta to heal from left thumb surgery. Peralta is not expected back on the field until at least June. Up until now, the Cardinals had been looking at Jedd Gyorko, Aledmys Diaz and Greg Garcia as fill-in options.


What do you make of this signing? Not a spectacular player but some MLB experience in the middle infield at least as a fill in. None of Diaz, Garcia, Anna or Gyorko has lit a fire so far.

If he’s cheap enuf’, then maybe OK. So with Tejada on board, does he or Gyorko get the start at short? Gyorko, frankly…has been looking pretty decent at SS lately. But if Tejada starts at SS, then Gyorko rotates between 2B & 3B to rest Carp & Wong, right….possibly with Aledmys Diaz as Tejada’s back-up???

An article I just read, says Tejada plays 2B & 3B too. So….we’ll probably have an ongoing game of musical chairs the first month of the regular season. Hahaha.

Below average defensively. Not a positive in the club house. N.Y. media hated him because he pouted when he lost his starting job. Not a base stealer. But fits the bill money wise. I’m not thrilled, but will see.

It will add an infield piece with Peralta out possibly until June. But I agree they are looking for a bargain fix until then. Maybe among Diaz, Gyorko, Garcia and Tejada will do Ok or perhaps be pleasantly surprised.

Tejada for 1.5 mil. I’m fine with that, especially because it cost us ZERO prospects.

Yup, that’s what I read in a few articles. A decent deal that wouldn’t cost the Cards any prospects…so why not go ahead & sign Tejada.
At least we know the guy will be giving his all this season, so he’ll hopefully have some decent offers for next year.

As far as the team goes I’m a little concerned that they’re not ready for the season yet..Getting off to a decent start has been key to the years we’ve done well and I don’t see it . Leake has been the best starter thus far. The Cubs are starting to show there pointing to the seasons opening day. I’m sicking with my prediction of 3rd place and no WC. Even 2nd place may not be enough to make the playoffs this year. I need to see more from the Birds on a Bat!

I tend to agree and with the Cubs willingness to spend big under new ownership 2nd or 3rd will become our best finishes in future. With other farm systems catching and surpassing ours low cost add on like Pena, Tejada, Broxton and Gyorko will not be sufficient any longer. Time will tell I guess.

That’s another thing, not only are the Cubs fine at the major league level Theo has built up the farm system as well. Spending wisely will become a premium for us because we don’t have the bank account they do.

Aw, I’m beginning to lose my positive outlook on the Cards. There were 9 players including Aledmys Diaz, who were were sent back down to the minors today.
I do feel sorry for Diaz, as I suspect he had high hopes for playing in the bigs this year. : (

Tejada did well especially in the field. Tje Birds haven’t been as strong as usual but who knows how much to read into spring games. They have some good bullpen arms but we have yet to see the offense click the way it will need to if they plan to compete this year. And while Leake has been solid some starters have yet to perform well. Will see how it goes in two weeks time.

Yep, gotta’ wait. Tejada has done a good, so far. And Leake is an upgrade from Lackey, I think? I was curious, but couldn’t find the Cards 2015 Spring Training record. Wanted to compare.

OK, last year in 2015…the Cards ST record ended up being 13-11…and it’s 7-9 this year, so far. (Not that any team’s ST record is really indicative of much.)

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