April 3: Cardinals @ Pirates

Jenifer Langosch/MLB.com

Records: Cardinals (0-0), Pirates (0-0)

First pitch: 12:05 pm CT

TV/Radio: Fox Sports Midwest, ESPN, 1120 KMOX

Cardinals lineup: Matt Carpenter (3B), Tommy Pham (LF), Matt Holliday (1B), Randal Grichuk (CF), Stephen Piscotty (RF), Yadier Molina (C), Kolten Wong (2B), Jedd Gyorko (SS), Adam Wainwright (RHP)

Pirates lineup: John Jaso (1B), Andrew McCutchen (CF), David Freese (3B), Starling Marte (LF), Francisco Cervelli (C), Gregory Polanco (RF), Josh Harrison (2B), Jordy Mercer (SS), Francisco Liriano (LHP)

Transactions: Lance Lynn placed on the 60-day DL; Jayson Aquino designated for assignment; Cardinals purchase contracts of Jeremy Hazelbaker and Eric Fryer

Reading material:

  • Adam Wainwright enters rare franchise company as he draws his fifth Opening Day start (link)
  • Cardinals set Opening Day 25-man roster (link)
  • Brayan Pena to open the season on the DL after injuring his knee on a dugout slip (link)
  • Ruben Tejada diagnosed with a Grade 1 quad strain, hopeful of returning in two weeks (link)
  • Cards, Pirates to open the 2016 MLB season (link)
  • Q&A with manager Mike Matheny (link)
  • Q&A with broadcaster Mike Shannon (link)

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Aha, I see David Freese is starting at 3B for the Bucs today. Apparently, he signed with them the beginning of March. Will NEVER forget his clutch hit in Game 6 of the 2011 World Series. : )
And Holliday playing 1B should hopefully result in some better at bats, than Moss or Adams would probably deliver.

Holy lack of offense Batman!! And the strike outs keep on coming. I fear today will be a common theme this year, unless something big happens…….Mo you’re up!

NO kidding, “Robin”! Hahaha.
The Cards hit a record 10 strike-outs in this opening day game, yeah. But according to Jen’s tweet…the Cards have struck out 9 times in all 4 of their PREVIOUS opening day games. So the Red Birds won 100 games last year, but they struck out a lot in their first game….right?
Btw…the fly hit way out to the track that Holliday chased, may possibly have been caught by one of the younger guys. At least that’s one good reason to play Holliday at 1B.
Also? I don’t get that goofy pop-up rule. I think it was Wong who hit a pop-up that the Pirate player dropped (clearly confirmed in the replay). But still, it was called an out.
I’m uh, totally corn-fused. : P

I too, think younger legs would have caught that fly to LF. The pop-up was the infield fly rule. Reason behind it is to prevent a defensive player from dropping the fly on purpose to try and get a double play. As for Jen’s tweets, keep in mind that she’s not going to criticize the club.Negative news, however true, could lead to lack of access to the players. She has to walk a fine line. Striking out 10 times means that they never put the ball in play for over three innings. Pham”s muscle strain? Hope its not the same old story with him. Gets a chance to play and gets hurt. A page out of the Holiday book.
Offense managed just five hits and they were all singles, no power.The hardest hit ball was the one Freese picked at third………it was a nice play too!

Well, whatever the case….Jen DID have a point.~grin~
The infield fly-rule seems dumb, by the way….at least on the face of it.
As for Pham’s “oblique strain”….we can only cross our fingers that it’s only a mild strain and not a tear.
Some old articles I read, suggested that Pham’s injury prone merely due to bad luck. A diagnosis of Keratonconus (warping of the cornea) back in 2008, which was helped by wearing contacts, a wrist-strain after an at-bat, a shoulder strain after diving back to 1B on a pick-off attempt, and finally a quad-strain during a work-out (I think) in March of 2015. The only upside I suppose, is that they’re not repeat injuries. Something different each time.

With Pham down Holiday will return to the outfield with consequences for defense as well as offense. Hope the news turns around on some fronts soon.

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